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News and new releases

Beano are continuing their prodigious production with Irvine Crossing (Beano-027) with the September 23rd, 1988 show in Irvine, California. 

Bad Company Newcastle 1974 (Wardour-070) contains a soundboard recording from Newcastle City Hall on March 8th, 1974.  

Unplugged Company is a bonus CDR containing a soundboard recording of Bad Company’s acoustic set live at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland in July, 1999.

And finally, Dog N Cat released today Helsinki 1970 (DAC-095), a one disc title with the brand new Rolling Stones September 2nd, 1970 Helsinki tape with the August 30th Malmo, Sweden tape as a bonus.  

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  1. I believe that Irvine Crossing is among the last of the Millard tapes.

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