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News and new releases

The Beatles The Golden Analog Experience (Contra Band Music CBM-001/2/3) is a three disc set featuring needle drops of:
With The Beatles “Mono Loud Cut,” Meet The Beatles“Odeon Red Wax Test Press,” A Hard Day’s Night“Odeon Red Wax Test Press,” Help!“Odeon Red Wax Test Press,” Rubber Soul“Mono Loud Cut” and Revolver “Mono Matrix-1.”

Whitesnake Steal The Night(Langley Deluxe 010) is an upgrade soundboard tape from Victoria Hall, Hanley, Staffordshire, UK on November 7th 1978

Pink Floyd Hollywood Bowl Revisited (Sigma 55) contains the tape source utilized on the first two discs of Damn Braces:  Bless Relaxes of the Hollywood Bowl show on September 22nd, 1972

Jeff Beck Thank The Lord (Wardour-082) is a four disc set containing the June 10th and June 11th, 1986 shows at the Budokan in Tokyo.

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  1. Has anyone heard the Whitesnake yet? We already have a superb 1978 SB (‘The Devil In Me’, from Brighton) and I’m wondering how this new one stacks up.

  2. You’re welcome, for sure.

    Further point of comparison, or, rather, contrast. On the Zeus there is a cut in ‘Any Colour You Like’, giving it a RT of 4:02, and we also lose the first 10 seconds or so of ‘Brain Damage’. The Sigma repairs this cut very well, although on the headphones I hear faint vinyl crackle throughout this repair. Is there an alternative source for this concert, or is it a repair from another night’s show, I wonder. So, neither Zeus nor Sigma emerges as a CLEAR winner here: you pays your money, you makes your choice!

  3. Thanks for the investigation, aleebee.

  4. Well, I wish I hadn’t bothered with Sigma 55 (‘Hollywood Bowl Revisited’): I think I prefer the SQ on Zeus’ ‘Cracker’, myself. I’ve tried hard to give the vote to Sigma, given the price I paid, and there isn’t a lot in it, but there you go. The Sigma does sound great, and is nicely packaged, but my ears prefer the slightly mellower sound of the Zeus. (NB When I say I wish I hadn’t bothered, that’s not true, as I always like to do these comparisons myself!)

  5. Careful Axeman Eugene

    chambau, i’m sorry…i don’t know, because i’ve never heard Damn Braces, and that’s part of the reason why i decided to get Sigma-55.

  6. Hey “Careful Axeman Eugene”: Does it contain exactly the same discs (1&2) used in DAMN BRACES or are they somehow different?

  7. Careful Axeman Eugene

    the new Floyd on sigma-55 sounds excellent, great

  8. I don’t know lug_nutz6. I know I’m not going to bother with it.

  9. Anybody planning on buying Sigma 55 and reviewing it?

  10. It does seem that Sigma has apparently run out of recordings to release, but then again, as I’ve certainly suggested before at least 2-3 times, why can’t they do an upgrade of the Boeblingen 1972-11-15 show? And why not the upgrade of the Paris 1970-01-23 radio broadcast? And what about the upgrade of the Los Angeles 1980-02-07 Wall show? Are they listening at all out there?

  11. This is what tends to happen when the well dries up-the labels start putting out shows of average/marginal quality or they start re-releasing the same shows (like Sigma-55). So until new tape sources start to sprout up, I’d imagine that this is what we can expect in the near future.

  12. Oh, and how does it compare to CDs 1 and 2 of Sigma’s own 4CD Dark Side Of the West (Sigma-32)? Have they remastered again?

  13. Yes, their descriptions of SQ used to be accurate but, of late, and not just for Sigma, I’ve found some to be overhyped. When a triple can cost me GBP 70-80 I am now wary.

    Is this new Sigma a remaster of CDs 1 & 2 of Sirene’s 4CD Damn Braces: Bless relaxes or a straight reissue, does anyone know?

  14. “TRULY AMAZING SOUND”…we’ve heard that one before. But I will agree with DLee that come is very attractive.

  15. The front cover of the new Floyd 2-CD looks great, and the sound quality has been described as being of “TRULY AMAZING SOUND”, but I have to question how much better Sigma 55 can be than the best of all the previously-released versions that most Floyd collectors already have.

  16. It seems that unfortunately Sigma has slowed down noticeably somewhat over the last year or so. For approx. the 1st couple years after they started as the successor to Siréne in either the late summer or early autumn of ’07, which makes them almost 3 yrs. old now, sometimes there would be consecutive weeks of multiple new Floyd releases. Now, these days, more often than not, we’re getting only 1 new Floyd title every 3, 4, or 5 weeks, or even more. And some of ’em, such as their newest/latest one above, are of questionable value or worth. So I have to curiously wonder how their future is going to be. Maybe they might as well start putting rare bonus photos of the likes of Evangeline Lilly, Dido (Armstrong), Erin Gray, Nancy J. McKeon, Jayne Brook, Jenna Fischer, Lauren Graham, etc. into their artwork, as otherwise I might as well just save my $$$ for boot CD’s by Led Zep, the Stones, E. Clapton bands, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, etc.

  17. The Whitesnake looks essential!

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