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news and new releases…

 Among new silvers coming out soon are  Cozy Powell Back To Win Tour Rehearsals 1992

 In a shocking move, the ELP Lampinski tape from 1978 is being pressed onto silver instead of being passed off onto CDR.  Legacy (Virtuoso 099/100) captures the February 4th, 1978 Boston show.

Yes Master Of Light(Virtuoso 097/098) contains the August 12th, 1977 Boston show from a Lampinski recording.  The same label relesed this show from another excellent tape source on Rays Of Light (Virtuoso 065/066).   

The Beatles Christmas Collection (Strange Apple SAR-024) contains the Beatles’ fan club Christmas messages. 

And finally Led Zeppelin No Longer Down Under (Graf Zeppelin LZSC-008A/B) is a two source mix for the February 25th, 1972 Aukland show. 

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  1. Actually it is already being offered by a very well known Japan based Led Zeppelin Boot dealer (you know who!) and the price is not that shocking….

    I am hoping for details on the quality if anyone happens to get a copy….

  2. “Fanfare Blowing” is a Misterclaudel production under a different name. I don’t know anything about it but it will be expensive when it arrives.

  3. Anybody know anything about this title?

    Neil Young – Fanfare Blowing (3/5/76 Osaka & Tokyo 76 DVD Pro) 2 CD + 1 DVD Green Gables Label

  4. I am sure that YES Master of Light will be a brilliant release. I think that the 1977 shows are the peak in YES career.

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