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News and new releases

The Chronicles Of Led Zeppelin are first out of the shoot with the newly discovered Chicago tape.  Black & Blue And Snot All Over:  1975 Chicago Tapes Vol. 3 (TCOLZ 013/014) is a two disc set with the January 22nd, 1975 show.  Since volume three is released first, we can assume there will be two more volumes in this series. 

Alexis Korner And Friends Diamond Clusters(no label) is a two disc soundboard recording from The Gatsby Room in Pinewood Studios on April 19th, 1978.  This is an all-star blues revue including Eric Clapton to celebrate Korner’s fiftieth birthday. 

Eric Clapton Silver Impressions is a DVD covering the November 2nd, 1988 Tokyo show with pro-shot footage.

And finally the Audiofön label will release The Beatles – RS 5.1 (AF11) with alternate mixes in 5.1 surround sound. 

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  1. I’ve just finished listening to this release for the 2nd time and it’s not bad. The quality of the source is very clear and balanced and I’ve heard much worse sources and shows. I prefer releases with excellent packaging Tarantura, Godfather, and EVSD however at this point TCOLZ is the first to press this interesting show and source with Wanton Song, and How Many More Times and can usually be found at a reasonable price. I agree with Hager that the title is absurd and also quite disgusting.

  2. I agree Hager. TCOLZ held much promise, but the cheap packaging and dumb titles have really sunk this label. The latest for the new Chicago tape is beyond juvenile and stupid and this looks to be an extremely unappealing release.

  3. Some people will always collect for the artwork, no matter how terrible the source tape is. How cheap could TCOLZ be? $10.00 per disk? (I wish) I mean these things cost next to nothing to produce. As far as hoarders go. Its their call whether they want to release the tapes. By buying into the “I have this and you don’t” we’re feeding into their power trip.

  4. Does we really need highly priced Japanese efforts for $$$? I guess EV or Tara will be the next labels to issue this stuff but I also expect to spent a small fortune of buying them. TCOLZ is much more cheap and who really cares about the artwork – the most important thing is music, not the package.

  5. I’d like to weigh in on this release’s title, which I find to be surprisingly more unappealing than this marginally good (at best) recording. Combined with unimaginative (aka cheap) packaging, the only redeeming quality of this title is that it’s new to collectors. I expect another label to treat this unearthed show with a bit more class, thereby creating a more desirable product to own.

  6. I thank you for the clarification since I am very much removed from the tape trading scene and have no clue what is going on.

    I think AA is reacting to other personalities who brag about Zeppelin tapes they have and then say “but you’ll never hear it.” Kinda makes me wonder why, if they don’t want to share their tapes, they mention them in the first place.

  7. Since the misinformation has started like it always does. This is the situation and if you don’t want to believe me I really don’t care. All 3 shows were taped by the same taper but the person who’s cassettes these were sourced from only had two of the three shows. So yes a recording does potentially exist for the 21st but no it is not available to anyone except the taper at this point and time and even that is no guarantee that the tape still exists only that is was recorded. Everyone can believe whatever they want but that is the truth.

  8. I heard that some “alternate” source for 21st exists and is in the hands of hoarders.

  9. I didn’t hear about the January 21st show. But knowing the “Led Zeppelin tape community” it is probably a load of nonsense and should not be believed. And if it were true, you can’t get upset over people who want to punish collectors because of the actions of a few. Let them stir in their own juices I say. Having that kind of attitude must be punishement enough. As a wise man once said, a man’s character is his fate…

  10. Ok, maybe I was too sensitive so I am sorry. I also agree with the arguments above, no doubt. But it gets me so agitated when there is some source that is being hoarded. Of course, we collectors, should respect anyone’s decision but (it’s only my opinion) this is the same thing as it comes for drugs. Some people will be always interested in buying silvers and trying to stop that by hoarding the stuff doesn’t fix the problem. It’s a matter of choice. Of course the biggest contributons should be dedicated to Jon Hull and Mr. Weedwacker, who spent a lot of time repairing these wonderful bits. I was just so upset when I heard some whispers saying that 21st won’t be torrented worldwide because the Japanese are releasing the January 22nd show on silver. So I am sorry once again and wish the best.

  11. AA, I’m not sure Weedwhacker is saying he is hoarding anything. I think he is pointing out that the tape for the January 21st, 1975 tape doesn’t exist. Or at least doesn’t circulate.
    Tape hoarders are a sad fact of life but in the end it doesn’t really matter…

  12. I would like to thank the taper, Jon Hull, and Weedwacker for the work involved in getting this source circulated.

  13. Weedwacker, hoarding tapes is the ugliest thing that the Led Zeppelin Community can expect and personally I don’t understand your thinking. Who cares if the tapes will be released on silvers or not since many collectors are now just downloading them.
    Oooh, now I can see, just join in with Mr. Freezer and tell everyone you have another uncirculated tape. Congratulations!

  14. If you missed out on the download of this show, and you MUST have it in silvers, I guess this is as good as its gonna get. Not to be a mark for my self but I thought the title Deep Dish would of been a bit more tasteful than BABASAO

  15. Yes, Weedwacker. We know. I was being ironical…

  16. At this point and time there will only be two shows for the zeppelin 75 chicago shows since only 2 of the 3 shows were located from the batch of tapes TCOLZ is using for this silver release.

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