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News and new releases

Pink Floyd Memories Of The East (Sigma 24) is a two disc set with two early Japanese shows.  Disc one contains the direct master tape for the Hakone Aphrodite, Hakone, Japan show on August 6th, 1971.  Disc two has the master reel edition of the Nakajima Sports Center, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan show on March 13th, 1972.

The Look Back Records CDR label have released the following five new Bob Dylan titles, all limited to 100 numbered copies: 

Deals Gone Down In Denmark (LBR-015/016), Arena Fyn, Odense Denmark, May 28, 2008

Elizabeth 2008 (LBR-019/020), Outdoor Stage, Horseshoe Southern Indiana Elizabeth, Indiana,USA August 23, 2008

Palladium Swing On A Chain (LBR-017/018), The Palladium Worcester, Massachusetts, USA May 16 2008

Sitting In The Bank Colisee (LBR-013/014), Androsoggin Bank Colisee, Lewiston, Maine, USA May 17, 2008

Thunder On El Plomo (LBR-011/012), Arena Santiago, Santiago, Chile March 11, 2008

Thinman has released A Dying Voice Within Me (Thinman-072/73), a two disc set containing the June 6th, 1984 show from the Ullevi Stadion, Gothenburg, Sweden.

The Who Charlton 1974 is a pro-shot DVD with the May 18th, 1974 show. 

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  1. Perhaps I’ll answer SOME of my own question as I now have a bit more information…

    I saw a scan of the front/back artwork and the content is identical to the following pressed 2 DVD set in my collection (released at least 4 years ago):
    The Who – Charlton 1974 (The Way of Wizards WOW-046 1/2)
    It contains the original unreleased film on DVD 1 (12 tracks-63min) and then the BBC 2nd House edited version on DVD 2 (13 tracks but only 9 songs-76min).

    This new Charlton 1974 looks to be the same, but pressed on a single DVD of ~140min. I have no idea if the footage is upgraded, but I must say that this release APPEARS to be a rehash for those who missed the WOW set.

    For completeness sake, I’ll state that the BBC 2nd House version was also released on perhaps the first factory pressed DVD I purchased (probably in 2003):
    The Who – Charlton Athletic F.C. May 18, 1974 (Original Master Series OMDVD-001)

    Let’s hope we see this entire performance someday from the BBC masters.

  2. There are no plans for a review of this title. Does anyone know anything about it?

  3. The Who Charlton 1974:
    Anyone have a quick synopsis of this new title? Is this the edited broadcast or complete version? How does it compare to prior Charlton DVD releases?

  4. Hopefully, this will be a different source to the Hakone tape that Sirene released a while ago – maybe the third source used by STTP on “Echoes Of A Japanese Meddle”? As for the Hokkaido tape, with any luck Sigma will have done something about that rather distracting hiss.

  5. Thanks gs and eric for the info. I just ordered the Cream title and will try to do a review one of these days for the site when time permits. this is why this is the best site on silver boots on the internet!

  6. I have the Mid Valley Crea set from the Whiskey and I would recomend it. It’s about the same quality as the Zeppelin release and given the year it was recorded, the historic venue let alone Creams performance, it’s a worthwhile buy for any fan. Personally, when I bought it, I don’t recall it being to expensive, but that was when it was released. Now, it’s not the silver available for Cream, but the Whiskey itself, let alone a Cream concert is of historical importance in my opinion.

  7. We’re currently discussing future improvements and developments for the website, and your suggestion is a very good one. (We also are aware of the categories being out of order: it’s a pain with this format and we’ll address that too).

    Regarding the Mid Valley Cream release, I think it is of compable quality to the Zeppelin, but am not sure. I remember it being a very expensive….

  8. Not related to this News column but I was thinking of picking this title up. Does anyone know what the sound quality of the Mid Valley release Cream – Whisky A Go (9/4/67) 2 CD? Is it comparable to the Led Zeppelin 69′ Whisky release which is VG+ IMHO……Any opinions appreciated….Related to this request I have a possible suggestion for an improvement to this excellent site. Possibly add a simple forum section where members could ask opinions on titles not reviewed here?

  9. I won’t pass judgement on the Hakone portion of Sigma 24 until the review, but I do have some reservations about it. The Sapporo disc however, has a lot of promise being one of the very best early Floyd sets, period. If naught else, at least we’re being treated to a plethora of early shows lately – from my favorite era!

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