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Starting off today’s new releases is a very rare Police silver.  Here In New Haven (Wardour-106) is a two disc title featuring an audience recording from New Haven, Connecticut on January 23rd, 1982.  


Journey Frontiers In Tokyo (Calm & Storm 044) is a 4CD set focusing in on two tape sources for Journey’s March 2nd, 1983 Budokan, Tokyo show.  The first two discs are a Miracle Man audience tape and the second two discs are a recording of the FM broadcast of the same show, also recorded by Miracle Man (I guess he really likes Journey).  


 Journey The Night Escape (no label) is a DVD featuring the July 31st, 1981 pro-shot footage from Tokyo.   


Journey Line Of Departure (Calm & Storm 043) covers the October 11th, 1980 Tokyo show on 2CDs and one DVD.  Like all other Calm & Storm titles, this is a Miracle Man recording. 


 And finally, it wouldn’t be a new week with more new Eric Clapton (or so it seems).  Ludwigshafen 1974 (Bean0-070) features the rare November 28th, 1974 show in the Fredrich Ebert Hall in Ludwigshafen, Germany.    

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