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September 1st, 2008 new Pink Floyd

Sigma will be releasing Who Gotta Be Crazy (Sigma 21).  This is a two disc set with the newly surfaced November 15th, 1974 Wembley tape first released by Rover Records. 

Nassau 1975 Day 1 (Sigma 22) is a three disc set with the June 16th, 1975 show in Uniondale, New York. 

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  1. O.K., but I asked because of the minor snafu about dates by Rover Records about the 11/14/74 show. Thanks.

  2. Yes, the Nassau show is from June 16th. That is why it is called “Day 1,” because it was the first of two nights at the Nassau Coliseum.

  3. Can anyone confirm that the Nassau show is from the 16th.?

  4. Well, the Nassau show is LONG overdue an upgrade, so this is absolutely welcome news…I’m very much looking forward to it. I wonder if some of the recent commentary here has prompted this release at all? As for Sigma 21…if my theory holds true, I suppose it should’ve been expected from this camp…but I must echo the sentiments previously expressed here – where’s the Santa Monica and KQED upgrades? In the pipeline I hope!

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