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Two new Rolling Stones titles on the way….

The Stones are popular as always on the silver bootleg front.  Next week sees two  new titles on the no-label label.  Rotter’Beast Of Burdenis the clunky sounding title for the June 4th, 1982 show in Feyenoord Stadion, Rotterdam, Netherlands.  Southern Quotationscontains the Greensboro Coliseum, show from June 26th 1978 and the tape of the tour opener at Civic Center, Lakeland on June 10th, 1978

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  1. @Careful
    You were right. Not very useful info. For more info on VGP-308 see:

  2. walterfive, I agree with your general assessment. I’d like to add that there are a handful of ’73, ’75 vintage RS shows recently shared on the internet far more interesting to the collector than these two average shows now on silver…

  3. Careful Axeman Eugene

    well, actually, i didn’t get the info. from anywhere because i was neither giving an opinion nor revealing anybody else’s statement or info. or whatever…i was just asking a question. anyway, thank yoou anyway for the responses

  4. @Careful
    The show in the Hague on May 29, was not good (2 of the 3 support acts, Robin Trower and the Meters were very good), but the worst from the 1976 tour? I wonder where you got thst info from.

  5. Vinyl Gang released the May 29, 1976 show on “Any Port in a Storm Revisited” VGP 308, but “Under My Thumb” is included as a bonus track from New Orleans December 5, 1981, and is not from this particular show.

  6. Careful Axeman Eugene

    would one of the worst shows of 1978 include the may 29 show in the netherlands, which, according to the webmaster of one stones bootleg website, was the only show in the entire 70s decade at which the stones played ‘under my thumb’? i’m pretty sure there’s a double cd on either the dac or vgp label which documents that specific show, but i can’t find it anymore, so i would really appreciate it if anybody could relate to what i’m talking about.

  7. @johnbrown;
    the coloured vinyl-releases of Greensboro 1978 were re-releases, and also worse sounding than the original black vinyls (I have the original – but have heard heard copies of the coloured one), Erik(_snow)

  8. As most folks can probably guess, both these titles were issued on vinyl way back when…I remember seeing many a copy of Southern Quotations on colored vinyl at record shows in the ’90’s. Don’t know if these are sourced directly from those original releases, but I’ve always understood Greensboro to be of mediocre quality. And if the Exile release of Lakeland ’78 is any indication, it’s one of the worst tapes EVER…bottom five for masochists only!

  9. @walterfive – it’s not “REALLY” true – the Greensboro show was a poor one….but other 1978 performances are worse.

    When it comes to the 2 releases in question….they are welcome to the “silver collectors” anyway.
    I have the “Rotter’ Beast Of Burden” on both LP and CD (VGP), and the LP sounds quite a lot better than the CD.

    But…..all in all….both those releases are more “for the archive” than something one listen to over and over. There are WAY better recordings/performances from both tours in circulation. But it’s a nice try from the label though – and will make the VGP (for Rotterdam 1982) a throw-away, for sure

  10. Don’t know about the Civic Center performance, but that Greensboro ’78 show was the *worst* show I’ve ever heard the Stones do.

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