U2 – Reboot Yourself (Apocalypse Sound AS 169)

Reboot Yourself (Apocalypse Sound A.S. 169)

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, BBC Studios, London, February 27, 2009
01. Introduction, 02. University Challenge, 03. Breathe, 04. Get On Your Boots.

Here we have U2 as guests on Jonathan Ross’ talk show.  Its a great appearance overall with many funny moments during the University Challenge segment.  The band sounds tight and the sound and video quality is superb.  This clip is another example of Bono turning any room into a stadium.

The Culture Show, U2 Special, February 28, 2009 (Lauren LaVerne travels to Dublin to interview the world’s biggest rock band)  05. Part 1, 06. No Line On The Horizon (Live In The Studio), 07. Part 2, 08. Get On Your Boots (Live In The Studio)

There are quite a few interesting things contained in this interview that I never knew before and all 4 band members offer up candid insights into how the band operates, writes music and how important it is to be down to earth and grounded.  The performances sound raw but still reflect the polished sound of U2.  The quality of these clips are near perfect.

Late Show With David Letterman, Ed Sullivan Theater, New York City, NY, March 2,3,4,5,6,9, 2009
09. Sketch #1 (U2 Helps During The Snowstorm), 10. Breathe, 11. Sketch #2 (U2 Way), 12. Magnficent, 13. I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight, 14. Sketch #3 (U2’s Top 10 List), 15. Beautiful Day, 16. Sketch #4 (On Hold For Letterman’s Phone Line), 17. Get On Your Boots, 18. Ask U2 Interview, 19. Sketch #5 (U2 In The Green Room)

What an amazing week for U2 and Letterman fans.  Sketch #1 features footage of the band shoveling snow.  Larry leans on his shovel and smokes while the rest of the band shovel.  Letterman has a field day with this clip.  Breathe sounds amazing.  Sketch #2 shows footage of the band getting a street renamed in NYC for them.  Magnificent is as powerful as U2 can possibly be.  Sketch #3 gives us one of the all time Top 10 list moments in the history of the Late Show.  The Edge says “Cool Nickname “The Edge”, bad nickname “Sting”.  He was supposed to say “The Itch”.  The Edge could double as a Stand Up Comic.  Sketch #4 features the band performing the “On-Hold” music for Letterman’s personal phone line.  Sketch #5 shows the band sitting in the Green Room pissed off when Letterman tells them that he’s bumping them for another guest.  The entire week of shows and performances were amazing.

This collection is a perfect companion to Apocalypse Sound’s other recent U2 release “Restart” and very worth tracking down.  All of the footage contained on this DVD is perfect and the sound quality couldn’t get any better.  I love the fact that the Letterman footage is contained in one place now.  The packaging is the typical gatefold packaging with numerous color and Black&White pics of the band.  This could definitely pass as an official release and is a must have for all collectors and U2 fans alike.  Good Job A.S.

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  1. I agree this is a excellent companion and enjoyable DVD in perfect visual and sound quality.


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