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Leedslungs71 has been an award-winning music journalist, columnist and critic for 20 of his 30+ years spent as a professional (read: paid ...well, most of the time, anyway, and sometimes barely by technicality) newspaper reporter and magazine writer. He's been an avid listener, devourer, and collector of records (and CDs) for even longer, having spent an unhealthy amount of time obsessing over (and writing about) the likes of the Stones, Who, Dylan, Hendrix, Velvets, Stooges, Beatles, Big Star, Nick Drake, Guided By Voices, Spoon, Wilco's first four records (their best in his esteemed opinion), and ... well, you get the idea. Hearing an eight-track tape cartridge of the Stones' double-LP comp, "Hot Rocks," at 16 changed his life. Two years later, he found his first Stones bootleg: a curious-looking, cruddy-sounding used copy of the band at Hyde Park '69, purchased for six bucks at Backroom Records in Amherst, Massachusetts in 1982. Both the record and band sounded like shit stirred in oatmeal. He fell in love instantly. Backroom records is, sadly, long gone. Happily, he and the Stones are still here (and yes, he still has that first cruddy boot, along with roughly a thousand or two more). And, like the song says, he'll never stop, never stop, nevernevernever stop! You can read much more of his stuff, music and otherwise, at http://rpmlifeinanalog.com where he writes as his cyber cyborg alias, Jonathan Perry.

David Bowie With Dana Gillespie – Make Way For The Rock And Rollers (The Godfatherrecords G.R. 953)

  David Bowie With Dana Gillespie – Make Way For The Rock And Rollers (The Godfatherrecords G.R. 953)Recorded at Trident Studios, London, 1971 CD (56:00): Oh! You Pretty Things, Eight Line Poem, Kooks, It Ain’t Easy, Queen Bitch, Quicksand, Bombers – Andy Warhol Intro, Mother Don’t Be Frightened, Andy Warhol, ...

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The Rolling Stones — American Exile (Scorpio/Bad Wizard Am-Ex 1972/1-3)

The Rolling Stones – American Exile (Scorpio/Bad Wizard Am-Ex 1972/1-3) Recorded Live at the Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, June 3, 1972; Center Coliseum (2nd show), Seattle, Washington, June 4, 1972; Tarrant County Convention Center (1st and 2nd show), Fort Worth, Texas, June 24, 1972; Madison Square Garden, New ...

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The Rolling Stones — Hyde Park Legend 1969 Complete Edition (Goldplate GP-1303CD1/2)

Live At Hyde Park, London, July 5, 1969. CD ONE (66:08): Introduction (by Sam Cutler), Excerpt From Adonais (Eulogy For Brian Jones), I’m Yours and I’m Hers, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Mercy Mercy, Stray Cat Blues, No Expectations, I’m Free, Down Home Girl, Love In Vain, Loving Cup, Honky Tonk Women, ...

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