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  1. Lug nutz, you’ve got a mixture of mediocre/poor audience recordings (The Nobs, Get Back, Moral Reader), superb audience (Listen to this Eddie), and soundboard sources (Flying Circus, Any Port in a Storm, and Destroyer (assuming 4/27/77), etc.). They are also all from different times in Zep’s history. Not knowing what appeals to you, as some like pure audience over dry soundboard, it’s hard to give suggestions. It is safe, though, that the Listen to this Eddie and Flying Circus shows are can’t lose titles. Maybe those 2 will give you the most enjoyment as starters. Good luck on your voyage!

  2. ok…I need some HELP! I have decided to delve into the Led Zeppelin ocean, but I’m not sure what titles to invest in. I can’t invest as much time and funds as I have in my Floyd collection, so I’m asking for some help and pinning down a few really good and COMPLETE titles to purchase. Initially I’m considering…

    ‘Flying Circus’

    ‘The Nobs’

    ‘Get Back’

    ‘RAH The Initial Tapes’

    ‘Any Port In A Storm’

    ‘A Moment Frozen Forever’

    ‘Dallas Triumphant Return’

    ‘Tour Over Dortumd 1980’

    ‘Listen To This Eddie’

    ‘Moral Reader’


    Any help in narrowing the list down would be of great help. As you can see I’m focusing on more recent releases as they are easier to locate and newer labels often address and correct many prior issues…

  3. Genuine Masters’ “The Devil’s Blues” has, for me, the greatest presentation of this concert’s superb audio. I also have EVSD’s release of this date, and prefer GM’s effort hands down. As GS wrote above, Scorpio’s version of this concert, notwithstanding any annual requirements, seems pointless if one already has this show. But that seems to be the recent trend with a number of Zep releases, put something out because obsessive collectors will likely spend their hard earned money on what they already have.

  4. I have the Empress Valley 6cd title “Avocado Club” which also has the audience recordings from the 26 and the 27th. The 27th SB has the cuts filled with the 27th audience recording and EV did a nice job with the splice transitions on the SB and the overall recording is excellent. Probably my favorite Zep cd. Not cheap but worth the price as you get the other two recordings which are a good listen……

  5. I personally like Blue Flame on Bumble Bee for the April 27th show. It’s a nice edit of both sources and sounds great. Plus it’s not rare and is affordable.

  6. what is the best version to get?bootledz dosen’t seem happy with any of them

  7. “What’s the point?” Because according to International Law Zeppelin’s April 27th 1969 show has to have an annual release. Last year I was sweating a bit until the unknown Bumble Bee label released it! So Scorpio are only fulfilling the demands of the law.

    We have to wonder about next year now, which is only a couple months away.

  8. whats’ the point of releasing these two shows again?

  9. I assumed that the source for 04/27/69 was taken from “Wolfgangs Vault” however they only have the first set available for your listening enjoyment so it’s possible that I will pick up this one.

  10. I doubt it. Scorpio don’t support this site so reviews of their titles are dependent upon whether or not someone picks it up. And as far as I know, nobody associated with the site is interested in it.

  11. Is this disc going to be reviewed?

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