Beatles – Beatles In Italy 1965 (Misterclaudel mccd-033)


Beatles In Italy 1965 (Misterclaudel mccd-033)

Teatro Adriano, Rome, IT – June 27, 1965 (evening show)

Teatro Adriano, Rome, IT – June 27, 1965 (afternoon show)

Evening show: Twist & Shout, She’s A Woman, I’m A Loser, Can’t Buy Me Love, Baby’s In Black, I Wanna Be Your Man, A Hard Day’s Night, Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby, Rock And Roll Music, I Feel Fine, Ticket To Ride, Long Tall Sally. Afternoon show (aired version): Twist & Shout, She’s A Woman, I’m A Loser. Afternoon show (soundboard version): Twist & Shout, I’m A Loser. Hotel Parco dei Principi: press conference interview

Misterclaudel on Beatles in Italy 1965 have collected the most comprehensive and definitive record of The Beatles’ only trip to Italy. This tour occurred right before their second US tour beginning on August 15th in New York and saw the band play several dates in the Mediterranean countries including three stops in Italy.

All four tapes on this release feature their activities in Rome on June 27th. The first and longest part of the release is the audience recording from the evening show at the Adrian Theater. It begins with a fade in the middle of “Twist & Show” and ends soon after “Long Tall Sally” starts. There is a small cut in “Ticket To Ride” and the tape comes a bit more distorted, probably because it was the end of the cassette. In general the sound quality is what can be expected from mid sixties Beatles audience recordings. It is understandable and even enjoyable once your ears adjust to the screaming fans and distortion. Paul introduces some of the numbers in very broken Italian, and the audience appreciates the effort.

The portion from the afternoon show fades into “Twist & Shout” and cuts out in “I’m A Loser”. Again the sound is fair at best. The next couple of tracks are from a journalist’s tape plugged right into the venue’s PA and sounds excellent. This fragment captures the spoken intro and the beginning of “Twist & Shout”, both of which are missing from the audience tape. Unfortunately it cuts out right after the beginning of “I’m A Loser”. Too bad the journalist didn’t capture the entire set. Finally the title ends with a short (under two minute) fragment from the press conference at the Hotel Parco dei Principi in Rome before the afternoon concert. John admits the “Beatle” haircut is a gimmick that helps, but their music is the cause for their popularity.

Misterclaudel did a commendable job on this effort. The evening show audience recording and afternoon show fragment sound better than previous releases like In Concert Addendum Two on Secret Trax (ST 201029-1/2). Given the condition of the source material it isn’t a dramatic upgrade, but it is noticeable and worth having.

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