Beatles – The Beatles At The Beeb (Misterclaudel mccd-149/150)

The Beatles At The Beeb (Misterclaudel mccd-149/150)

Disc 1 (54:49):  FROM US TO YOU #2 MARCH 30,1964 01. From Us To You 02. I Wanna Be Your Man 03. Roll Over Beethoven SATURDAY CLUB #1 JANUARY 26,1963 04. Love Me Do SATURDAY CLUB #6 OCTOBER 5, 1963 05. I Saw Her Standing There 06. Happy Birthday Saturday Club 07. George Martin Interview POP GO THE BEATLES #4 JUNE 25, 1963 08. P.S. I Love You 09. Twist And Shout 10. Pop Go The Beatles Theme POP GO THE BEATLES #8 AUGUST 6, 1963 11. Crying, Waiting, Hoping POP GO THE BEATLES #13 SEPTEMBER 10, 1963 12. The Hippy Hippy Shake POP GO THE BEATLES #5 JULY 16, 1963 13. Soldier Of Love POP GO THE BEATLES #8 AUGUST 6, 1963 14. To Know Her Is To Love Her 15. The Honeymoon Song POP GO THE BEATLES #11 AUGUST 27, 1963 16. Don’t Ever Change POP GO THE BEATLES #15 SEPTEMBER 24, 1963 17. Sure To Fall SATURDAY CLUB #5 AUGUST 24, 1963 18. I’ll Get You SATURDAY CLUB #7 DECEMBER 21, 1963 19. This Boy

Disc 2 (54:16):  01. Introduction FROM US TO YOU #1 DECEMBER 26,1963 02. From Us To You 03. Money 04. Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport 05. I Want To Hold Your Hand SATURDAY CLUB #8 FEBRUARY 25, 1964 06. Johnny B. Goode TOP GEAR #1 JULY 16, 1964 07. And I Love Her TOP GEAR RECORDING SESSION NOVEMBER 17, 1964 08. I Feel Fine (false start) 09. I Feel Fine TOP GEAR #2 NOVEMBER 26, 1964 10. I’m A Loser THE BEATLES INVITE YOU TO TAKE A TICKET TO RIDE JUNE 7, 1965 11. Ticket To Ride POP INN APRIL 13, 1965 12. Interview BEATLES ABROAD AUGUST 30, 1965 13. John Lennon Interview by Brian Mathew 14. Derek Taylor Interview LENNON AND McCARTNEY SONGBOOK AUGUST 6, 1966 15. Opening Theme 16. A Hard Day’s Night 17. All My Loving 18. And I Love Him 19. Wait WHERE IT’S AT NOVEMBER 25, 1967 20. Introduction 21. All Together On The Wireless Machine

The Beatles At The Beeb on Misterclaudel is a straight copy from the BBC Radio 2’s bank holiday Beatles bonanza.  Over the course of three days the station broadcast music, rare interviews and documentaries.  This particular program was broadcast on Monday, August 31st at noon and was advertised by the BBC as:  “Bill Kenwright presents a journey through the many Beatles songs and interviews recorded at the BBC during the 60s. The Beatles played on 53 different radio shows between March 1962 and June 1965, giving no less than 275 performances of 88 different songs. Remarkably, 36 of those songs were never issued on record while the group was in existence. Kevin Howlett produced his first documentary about the Beatles’ BBC recordings as a young Radio 1 producer in 1982.

“It made headlines around the world because Kevin tracked down many BBC Beatles sessions not heard since their original broadcasts. Out of the 53 BBC programmes with live Beatles music, just one was in the BBC Archive. Following further investigations, Kevin produced the award-winning The Beeb’s Lost Beatles Tapes in 1988. Discoveries are still possible: this programme features an interview that has remained unheard since 1965, in which the Beatles talk about their second movie, Help!

They chatted live from a radio car at Twickenham Film Studios for the BBC Light Programme show Pop Inn. The ‘lost’ master tape of The Lennon and McCartney Songbook can also be heard for the first time since its original broadcast on August Bank Holiday Monday in 1966. The programme also features other interviews and music recordings that have not been broadcast since the 1960s. In addition to the archive Beatles interviews with presenters such as Brian Matthew and Alan Freeman, Brian and Alan (recorded in 1988) reminisce about their time with The Beatles at the Beeb.”

Misterclaudel normally do a very good job in presentation.  The sound quality is excellent and the packaging is also classy.  The label has a long list of titles in its catalogue which present professionally recorded and filmed concerts.  The Beatles At Beeb is another excellent Misterclaudel title worth having. 

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