The Clash – Agora 1979 Definitive Edition (Guitar Master-001)


Agora 1979 Definitive Edition (Guitar Master-001)

Agora, Cleveland, OH – February 13th, 1979

I’m So Bored With The USA, Drug Stabbing Time, Jail Guitar Doors, Tommy Gun, City Of The Dead, Hate And War, White Man In Hammersmith Palais, Safe European Home, Stay Free, English Civil War, Guns On The Roof, Police And Thieves, Capital Radio, Janie Jones, Garageland, Julie’s Been Working For The Drug Squad, London’s Burning, White Riot, Complete Control, What’s My Name.  Bonus tracks from KBFH:  Safe European Home, Stay Free, Police And Thieves, Julie’s Been Working For The Drug Squad

Agora 1979 Definitive Edition is the premier offering from the brand new label Guitar Master.  There are three different edits circulating all originating from the same professionally recorded FM tape.  It first surfaced on LP on such titles as Police And Firemen On My Back and Cardiff ’77 & KBFH ’79.  This source was complete, including Stummer’s between song comments, but lacking the five songs in their two encores.

An edited version of the source has circulated that contains cuts and clicks throughout, but it’s said to be the best sounding.  Finally four songs come from a King Biscuit Flower Hour broadcast.  The four songs are mixed differently than the others with the guitars lowered and the vocals raised in volume. 

This new release is complete and unedited.  All of the comments are present and you hear the twin guitar attack.  There is a cut in the tape after the final song “Garageland”.  The encores sound a little bit more dull and bass heavy, but do sound a part of the main tape source.  Probably this is the reason for GM’s “definitive edition” in the title?  The bonus tracks from the KBFH are mixed so that the guitars are lowered and the vocals raised.  Perhaps DIR wanted the Clash to sound more radio friendly?  It is interesting how different a band can sound with a change in the mix.

For fans of the Clash this show needs no introduction.  This is a furious concert done for the benefit of a local Cleveland Viet Nam vet who lost his legs and was suing because he was banned from the local swimming pool.  An interesting story and an interesting set with songs like “Drug Stabbing Time” and “Cheapskates” that would be dropped from the set list soon after.  This is a very good production by Guitar Master.  Great photos and newspaper clippings explaining the event make this a good introduction to one of The Clash’s most well known concerts.   

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