Led Zeppelin – Led One Hour Radio Special (Boleskine House Records)


Friday June 27th, 1969-Playhouse Theatre,Northumberland Avenue
London, England. 
This show; when Jimmy’s band were young,fresh,creative and powerful  with so much raw energy along with unbridled passion is well represented here.
The only negative about this cd is there are only six tracks.
I  can only imagine the Fillmore West shows from april, 1969 having this dynamic sound quality!!!!
Regardless,here is the track listing:
03-Communicaton Breakdown
04-I Can’t Quit You
06-Dazed  And Confused
08-White Summer Suite
10-You Shook Me
11-How Many More Times Medley
This show broadcast on the BBC;  has been transfered from analog tapes… which at various times havef ar more warmth and depthth an digital.
Performance wise  after an introduction, Page,Bonzo, and JP Jones open with a blistering communication breakdown; always one of my favs from this era.
Tight,polished,well rehearsed a young band out to prove they were not a flash in the pan; yet they avoided singles as their manager Peter Grant had more ominous goals… such as heavy album sales.  Many of their shows then were sort of an underground thing; meaning word of mouth drew good crowds to the venues of the day; most seating between 3,000 and 5,000. Tickets were around 3.50-5.00 in the states and 1.75  to 2 quid in the UK.
I  cant Quit You follows with Jimmy’s blues tone setting the stage for Robert Plant stretching notes,showcasing how powerful this band were. Jones bass and  John Henry Bonham’s power drumming make this track one to get locked in with the band’s groove! Dazed And Confused is next with Jimmy showcasing the bow which became a Zep staple for their career. Excellent playing by  the other three hooligans as the crowd  roars their approval. I  can visualize the band grinning aka the cheshire cat in alice in wonderland about now. The MC introduces White Summer Suite,which became a break for Robert and  John Paul Jones with Bonham  playing just enough to add depth to Jimmy’s old Yardbirds tune,showcasing  he knew all the tricks of a guitarist  along with white hot playing as he felt pushed on.
How Many More Times closes this great performance on a high; the band showing things were to come which would make them the most popular band in the world during the 1970s. When all is said and done i can sit back and think, the Zepp of 1969 were definitely my favorite era of their music; hot,intense,bluesy,psychedelia thrown in at various intervals… the 4-25-1969 show comes to mind. Everyone that digs zep; try to obtain this. You will be delighted with the sound as well as the white heat performance. People have a tendency to forget how good this band was in this era.
On that note; carry on CMC  readers.
Serious music collector-Clapton, Stones (Brian era) Hendriz, Zeppelin

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  1. If you can PM, we exchange detaules then :). My email is: [email protected]

  2. Argenteum; i can share it..enlighten me as to how you want it sent?!

  3. Ahhh… slow i must be! I understand what you have requested. I will get my office manager to do it tomorrow. She has the “geek skills that i am sorely lacking.

  4. Argenteum; i suppose i do not comprehend what you are asking!?
    Do you mean.. as in a torrent?
    I am quite ignorant when it pertains to computer skills. Now… if one desires a copy of the show; that i can do!
    I used to make a few hundred copies of various shows,with the jewel cases holding the artwork..front and back covers.. as well as the cover on the actual disc. Besides the disc obviouwly being colored differently than a silver disc(The back of the disc) you could not tell any difference between my copies and the real thing. I a never sold any; just gave them away to friends for b-days, Christmas so on and so on. Thanks for the compliment about my review!

  5. Excellent review, Michael! Are you able to share it somewhere?


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