Led Zeppelin – Oh Dear, I’ve Known Him Since He Was A Child (Led Note LCD 1502)

Oh Dear, I’ve Known Him Since He Was A Child (Led Note LCD 1502)

Missouri Arena, St. Louis, MO – February 16th, 1975 

Disc 1:  Kashmir, No Quarter (small cut), Trampled Underfoot, Moby Dick (substantial cut in drum solo)

Disc 2:  Dazed & Confused (two small cuts), Stairway To Heaven (small cut at beginning of guitar solo, ending cut), Whole Lotta Love/The Crunge/Black Dog, Heartbreaker (first half only)

This tape for the February 16, 1975 concert in St. Louis had been rumored to exist for many years.  Led Note finally found and released the final two thirds of the show (which is all that exists, from what I’m told) in the winter of 1999. The quality of this tape is mediocre.  It is distant, fuzzy, and with lots of echo.  Only the overwhelming Showco PA is able to rescue the tape from being very poor. The show itself is an excellent closing night for the first half of the tour.  The band carries the momentum of their great closing show in Nassau.  No Quarter is very strong, sounding very dark and foreboding.  Dazed & Confused and Stairway to Heaven are both outstanding.  The encores are the only let down in this performance. This title comes in a double slimline jewel case with many grainy photos from the tour.  The whole production is quite shoddy.  This was surpassed several years later with the release of the complete, excellent quality soundboard on St. Louis Blues so this is only for the most obsessive collector. 

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