Pink Floyd – Toronto 22 September 1987 (Budgie-003/004)


Toronto 22 September 1987 (Budgie-003/004)

Exhibition Stadium, Toronto, ON, Canada – September 22nd, 1987
Disc 1: Echoes, Signs Of Life, Learning To Fly, Yet Another Movie/ Round & Round, A New Machine (part 1)/ Terminal Frost / A New Machine (part 2), Sorrow, Dogs Of War, Intro / On The Turning Away, One Of These Days

Disc 2: Time, On The Run, Wish You Were Here, Welcome To The Machine, Us & Them, Money, Another Brick In The Wall (part 2), Introduction / Comfortably Numb, One Slip, Run Like Hell

The aptly named Toronto 22 September 1987 is another in the first four releases by the Budgie label. Overall this isn’t too bad. The artwork on the inserts isn’t too appealing. The audience source is good but not the best with people constantly talking over the music, but it does have a good live sound when the people are quiet and it does effectively convey the feeling of the live Pink Floyd experience. Some parts like during “A New Machine” sound very ominous like a large machine approaching from the distance.

This show in Toronto was one of the first three booked on their A Momentary Lapse Of Reason world tour and the fast sell out of these three confirmed the viability of the Roger Waters-less Pink Floyd. Normally I don’t care much for this era since they relied too heavily upon the backing musicians, but this concert is very enjoyable. “Dogs Of War”, which the toastyfrog website once said was the worst song written in the history of man, is actually pretty good here. The only thing I can fault the label with this release are the strange skips on the tape that occur with more frequency as the show progresses. But otherwise this is a good release by Budgie and worth seeking out.

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