Neil Young – The Bernstein Tapes (Lost Dog Records LDR001)

The Bernstein Tapes  (Lost Dog Records LDR001)

Campaigner, The Old Laughing Lady, Human Highway, Tell Me Why, After the Gold Rush, Harvest, Mr. Soul, Here We Are Through the Years, Journey Through the  Past, White Line, Give Me Strength, You Win, Don’t Say You Lose, Mellow My Mind, Too Far Gone, Needle and the Damage Done, Pocahontas, Roll Another Number, The Losing End, Love is a Rose, Sugar Mountain

This set is a soundboard compilation from Neil’s 1976 Tour.

The songs that make up this set are said to have come from the personal collection of Joel Bernstein…a long time friend/photographer of  Neil. Makes one wonder what other gems Joel might have in his collection  that have yet to surface! These tracks are some of Joel’s favorite performances and were captured in November of 1976.

This is an all acoustic bootleg that includes songs not yet released and songs that did not appear for many years, including an early version of “White Line”, among others.

Being a soundboard, it goes without saying that the sound of this  recording is excellent but what struck me was the fact that even though it  was a compilation of different nights, the sound is very consistent from one track to the next.

The packaging is plain but quite adequate. A single regular jewel case with tray insert and front cover house this set.

Definitely a must have piece in the home of any serious Neil Young collector. Two thumbs up! (DWE)

The sound quality on this release is excellent.  The sources for the individual tracks are:

“Campaigner” from Boston November 22

“Old Laughing Lady” Atlanta November 24

“Human Highway” Madison, Wisconsin November 14

“Tell Me Why” Chicago November 15

“After The Goldrush” Houston November 11

“Harvest” Boston November 22

“Mr. Soul” New York, November 20

“Here We Are In The Years” Atlanta November 24

“Journey Through The Past” Boston November 22

“Heart Of Gold” Fort Worth November 10

“A Man Needs A Maid” New York November 10

“White Line” Fort Worth November 10

“Give Me Strength” New York November 20

“No One Seems To Know” Boulder November 7

“Mellow My Mind” New York November 20

“Too Far Gone” Boulder November 6

“Needle And The Damage Done” Atlanta November 24

“Pocohantas” Atlanta November 24

“Roll Another Number” Boston November 22

“Losing End” Atlanta November 24

“Love Is A Rose” Houston November 11

“Sugar Mountain” Atlanta November 24 

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