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massive Bruce Springsteen boxset on Godfather

Godfather follow up on their successful boxsets with a new and ambitious project.  Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band History Is Made At Night:  Madison Square Garden 1978 (GR BOX 03) is a nine disc set covering three nights in Madison Square Garden in New York. 

Night 1 covers the August 21st show, Night 2the August 22nd and Night 3 the August 23rd concert.  All three are 3 disc sets sourced from excellent audience tapes in best ever sound quality. 
The boxset also includes a detailed 32 page book with relevant background information.  This looks like another milestone in Springsteen’s unofficial catalogue.

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  1. My copy is also in and it is amazing. I was also a little worried since it were all audience sources but these are definitely fine master tapes that grow on you each time you listen. It gives a true sense of being there. It’s more atmospheric than the radio and soundboard shows of that period. Hope Godfather will give the 1980 Thanksgiving shows at MSG the same treatment!

  2. Thanks for the compliment, busenagee. My copy arrived on Friday and I have listened to the first show. I can confirm that it has been a pleasurable experience for me too. I have made a start on my review and I hope to complete it quite soon.

  3. I ordered this set with some trepidation. I figured there was a possibility of a let down especially because the CD’s were from audience tapes from 1978 and that it would be difficult to match the Unbroken Promise box set.

    I am glad I ordered. The CD’s, while not perfect, sound very good to me.I just received my set today and have been bouncing around between shows and tracks so I don’t know if there are glaring imperfections. What I have listened to has been pleasurable. The 32 page booklet includes a wonderful article from Back Streets Magazine, covering the entire year of 1978 plus a few pages discussing other MSG shows performed by Springsteen during his career as well as many photos.

    I’ll leave a complete discussion of this set to Cliff “THE BOSS” of all reviewers. (I hope he submits a review)

    If you are a Sprinsteen fan you will not regret getting this set.

  4. The Godfather is well on its way to becoming a landmark label with stellar releases. No single label shares their quantity, qualiuty and variety!

  5. Well if Godfather’s first two box sets are any indication then I am certainly looking forward to this one. Promises to be a winner!

  6. Looking forward to this one!!!

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