May 2nd, 2008 New releases

Newly released is the next silver pressed Dr. Ebbett series.  To make things clear to the Beatle collectors, these are NOT from Dr. Ebbett himself, who produce high quality needledrops on CDR to discerning collectors.  Rather, this is inspired and based on the work of Dr. Ebbett, but for those who prefer titles in the silver disc format. 

This series has five interesting titles.  20 Greatest Hits (DBM-024) is the greatest hits collection released by Parolophone in 1982.  This is a transfer of the US version which has the last two minutes of “Hey Jude” chopped off.

Rock And Roll Music (DBM-025) is a copy of the 2LP greatest hits compilation from 1976.

Love Songs (DBM-026) is the 1977 2LP greatest hits focusing on The Beatles’ love songs. 

Sessions (DBM-027) is the projected but never released LP of various Beatles rarities.  And finally Hey Jude (DBM-028) is the 1970 US pressing (not the 1979 UK).  CMR will have full reviews of these five titles soon.

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