Beatles – Paris Landing June 20, 1965 (Godfather Records GR333)

Paris Landing June 20, 1965 (Godfather Records GR333)

Palais Des Sports, Paris, France – June 20th, 1965

(65:40):  Afternoon show:  Twist And Shout, She’s A Woman, I’m A Loser, Can’t Buy Me Love, Baby’s In Black, I Wanna Be Your Man, A Hard Day’s Night, Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby, Rock And Roll Music, I Feel Fine, Ticket To Ride, Long Tall Sally.  Evening show:  Twist And Shout, She’s A Woman, I’m A Loser, Can’t Buy Me Love, Baby’s In Black, I Wanna Be Your Man, A Hard Day’s Night, Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby, Rock And Roll Music, I Feel Fine, Ticket To Ride, Long Tall Sally

In the first half of 1965 The Beatles were occupied with the film and LP Help!  After they finished recording the LP on June 17th in Abbey Road Studios they waited three days before beginning a short, nine date tour of Europe beginning with two shows in Paris on June 20th and ending on July 3rd in Barcelona.  Both Paris shows were broadcast and have produced some of the better sounding Beatles live releases beginning with the vinyl Live Paris Olympia and Paris Sports Palais (Cat n Dog Records), both with the second show.  These tapes also appeared on the market in the earliest days of bootleg compact disc beginning with the Italian label Bulldog who issued Paris June 20, 1965 (Bulldog BGCP902) in 1987 and Paris June 20, 1965 (Bulldog Records BGCD005) the following year.  The first definitive issue was on Live In Paris 1965 (Swingin’ Pig TSP-CD-008) in 1988 but with the wrong date.  The following year Live In Palais De Sports – Paris (Starlife HRCD 52023) was released. 

In the early nineties Live, Paris Sport Palais June 20 1965 and The Paris Match (Fab Four Rarities FFR9117) were issued.  In 1995 Yellow Dog released The Ultimate Collection Vol. 2 boxset which includes Live, Live, Live! (YDB201).  In 1999 and 2000 Silent Sea released The Beatles – In Concert: Paris 65.06.20(A) > Paris 65.06.20(B) (SS 046) and The Beatles – In Concert: Paris 65.06.20(A) > Paris 65.06.20(B)(Ver.2) (SS 046v2).  The only difference between the two is version two having “I Feel Fine” from the evening show is missing from the first version.  The last edition on silver was The Beatles – Paris Concerts 1964-1965 (MBE 001 6421) released in 2000 in jewel cases and then several years later in a gatefold sleeve with an additional DVD.  Another version can be found on City Of Light (Darthdisc DD 007/8) which has the most complete record of The Beatles’ involvement in Paris with interviews, the 1964 show and studio outtakes from Pathé Marconi studios and the most complete edition of the 1965 shows reconstructed from both the broadcast tape and an audience recording to fill in the gaps.  Godfather use the Darthdisc edition with the two source edits including “I Feel Fine” in the evening show from a different video source.  This remaster has a more dynamic range, increased gain and more defined bass giving it a fuller and more exciting sound overall.

The afternoon show begins with an announcer introducing the band and a short tune up where Harrison plays a bit of “I Feel Fine” before they start with the truncated version of “Twist And Shout.”  Since this was their first live appearance in several months the opening songs sound a bit rusty and the vocals are rough.  McCartney in particular growls his way through “She’s A Woman.”  “I’m A Loser” sounds tighter and Lennon’s vocals are much more confident but it ends rather abruptly.  “Can’t Buy Me Love” swings and the audience singing along is audible even on the broadcast.  Ringo sings “I Wanna Be Your Man” very aggressively, so much so that at the end Lennon shouts “Merci.  Ringo, shut up!”  McCartney struggles with his French as he tries to say, “chanson qui s’appelle ‘I Feel Fine.'”  Their penultimate song is their latest single “Ticket To Ride.”  This was released in April and this is the second known live performance of the song (after the April 11th, NME Poll Winners concert in Wembley).  The show ends with a quick version of Little Richard’s “Long Tall Sally.”

The evening show begins with a introduction longer than the afternoon show before they start the “Twist And Shout” fragment leading into a hopping version of “She’s A Woman.”  With one show under their belt they deliver a much more lively and subtle performance overall.  Lennon’s vocals in “I’m A Loser,” especially his intonation of “clown” and “frown” reveal his vulnerabilities.  Ringo takes it easy in the evening “I Wanna Be Your Man” with little of the dramatics from the afternoon.  Harrison sounds so  young singing “Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby.”  He also introduces the final song of the set “Ticket To Ride” and the tape ends with the encore of “Long Tall Sally.”  The sets are the same for both shows but the contrast in delivery between the two shows is noticeable and the evening show is much more satisfying.  These are the best sounding documents from their short European tour and Paris Landing on Godfather is a great effort by the label.  It comes packaged in the tri-fold cardboard gatefold sleeve, utilizing the above the stage shot on the front cover and various other photos from the Paris visits, including the one of Lennon posing with the marble bust of Napoleon, on the back.       

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