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Massive update

Pink Floyd The Oxfam Concert(GR 361/362) is the silver pressed debut of the Oxfam benefit concert on October 21st, 1972. 

Bob Dylan Ramblin’ Round Minneapolis (GR 363) is a one disc title with the Bonnie Beecher Apartment tape from December 22nd, 1961.

AC/DC Dutch Damnation (GR 364) contains a soundboard recording of the November 12th, 1979 Amsterdam radio broadcast from the May 11th, 2007 rebroadcast. 

Led Zeppelin Strange Tales From The Road(GR 365) is a one disc set with two interesting soundboard fragments:  a monitor mix from the May 26th, 1977 Landover show and the common June 11th, 1977 New York soundboard.

The Doors The Original Matrix Tapes – March 7 1967 (GR 366/367) is a two disc set with the Doors Matrix with bonus tracks from March 4th 1967 and Denver September 30, 1967.

Morrissey The Charming Man (GR 368) is a one disc set with the BBC broadcast from February 11th, 2009.

U2 Future Needs A Big Kiss (GR 369) is a one disc soundboard from the BBC broadcast of February 27th, 2009.

Jeff Beck Budokan 1980 Complete is a massive six disc set with the complete shows from December 4th, 17th and 18th, 1980 in the Budokan in Tokyo all in great sound quality. 

Jeff Beck with Stanley Clarke Brainstormcontains the Budokan show from December 1st, 1978.

The Who 1971 Final is a 2CD set with the legendary December 15th, 1971 Seattle blow out. 

Rolling Stones Through The Past Darkly:  Sucking In The 70’s And 80’s(AS 164) contains various Rolling Stones television appearances, commercials, newscasts and interviews.  This looks like a fascinating compilation!

Oasis This Is History(AS 165) contains telecasts from Knebworth 1996 and Los Angeles 1994. 

Queen A Night At The Court – The Definitive Edition(AS 166) is the definitive editon of the June 6th, 1977 Earls Court video tape with Munich 1979 as a bonus. 

Bruce Springsteen Fields Of Dreams (AS 167) contains various telecasts including the We Are One Concert on January 18th and the Super Bowl appearance. 

U2 Restart (AS 168) contains telecasts from the We Are One concert on January 18th, 2009 and various other videos. 

U2 Reboot Yourself (AS 169) contains various telecasts including the Friday Night With Jonathan Ross and The Culture Show on February 28th, 2009

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  1. I’d be curious as to how the Godfather Doors Matrix release compares to the (now ancient and quite hard to find) Complete Matrix Club Tapes 4CD (Kiss The Stone KTS BX 009)… anyone have both? I’ve got the box but not the new one…

  2. When it comes to boots, I only collect true (Pink) Floyd, with the exception of a few by Roger Waters & 1 by Cream, but I’m considering getting that new Doors release by Godfather, as I already have the original officially-released version, which seems to me to be reasonably good but not great. So other than completeness, plus the bonus tracks, anyone know how else otherwise the boot version is or might be superior to the official one? Thanks to anyone who can answer.

  3. Listening to Doors “The Original Matrix Tapes – March 7, 1967” now and it looks and sounds fantastic!!! Nice to finally have this complete show. I doubt the small audience realized that in a short period of time they would be huge.

  4. Once again I like to say thank you to the godfathers, I like the doors, pink floyd and led zeppelin it sounds great and look fine.

  5. I just received Godfather’s Doors title this morning. The inner liner notes allude to the fact that they may be releasing the show from the 10th as well. Hope this is the case! It will be nice to have complete alternatives to the recent lackluster and incomplete official release.

  6. Some good points tmoq but I don’t think artists/ labels release live material with the hard core fan in mind. Most artists want the best sounding version of a song to be released which is why most official live stuff are compilations and has been sweetened or fixed in the studio. Labels seem to want whatever will sell and has mass appeal. And I have found the average fan does not want live material with all the warts….I have played ex audience source boots, like LTTE, for friends who are not hardcore only to have them complain about the sound quality..It is a shame when you think of all the amazing vintage live audio/video stuff sitting rotting in artists and labels vaults…….

  7. I’ll confess I’m a bit jaded when it comes to Zeppelin live shows. How excited can one be by the constant repacking of Eddie and Badgeholders?

    My concern is with the discussion of some of the more well known uncirculated audience tapes like Baton Rouge 77, Athens 69, St. Louis 70, Denver 68 and others that some hoarders brag about yet will never release. Clinton Heylin is right in stating that such tapes diminish in value with every passing nanosecond, and those who believe their tape “recorded in some hole in the wall with the very best tin can and string is the taper’s personal pension plan are truly delusional.”
    Honestly, if and when these tapes are finally liberated, will they add anything to Zeppelin’s live legacy that has not already been stated? Unless there is a tape of them attempting “In The Light” live, I don’t really think so.
    It is ironic that the bootleg industry, which began as populist movement against elitism, has organized itself into the very entity it despised. The fact there are “elite” collectors who refuse to share their tapes with the masses like us is sad. And the fact that their tapes (if they really exist) are diminishing in both historic and financial value is fitting.

  8. The next time I’m hanging out too much with Jimmy I’ll be sure to mention your opinion that he’s a hoarder. Personally, I don’t believe someone sittin on 30+ year old audience tapes for whatever silly reason quite equates with an artist or record company NOT releasing commercially every single inch of tape ever recorded by a band.

    I’m all about previously unheard songs and outtakes too but to state that any uncirculated live show “may be of cursory interest” seems just a wee bit over the top for a web site that reviews such shows. Yes, I DO realize you were speaking personally and not on behalf of this fine web site, but it did sound a bit jaded..

  9. AA mentions above last year’s Baton Rouge/TCOLZ rumor. That was started by some retard on the official Led Zeppelin forums named “JesusMurphy” (or something like that). Just someone who wanted some attention. I confronted him and he should have posted a rectraction.

  10. It sounds like Wilbur has been hanging out with Page too much! Lest he forget, the whole industry began because Columbia Records and Bob Dylan were “hoarding” the basement tapes. The artists / record label’s refusal to release these tapes has been a complaint for many years and it is not out of line to call them “hoarders.”

    Speaking for myself, after collecting Zeppelin bootlegs for thirty years now, the only thing that would truly impress me are previously unheard songs and outtakes from recording sessions. Lewis mentions “St. Tristan’s Sword” for example in The Concert File. Uncirculated live shows (ie Baton Rouge 1977) may hold a cursory interest but are not really interesting anymore.

  11. Regarding “How The West Was Won” and “Is There Anybody Out There?”-both releases that I do happen to own & enjoy-some people aren’t aware that these are compilations of multiple shows. The Floyd release “Is There…” compiles tracks from numerous venues and many of the individual tracks are culled from 2 or more sources!!
    This is what many artists don’t understand when it comes to live releases-the true fans would prefer unedited complete shows as opposed to these “compilation” live releases. This is one of the reasons why there will always be a market for bootlegs.

  12. Well…with all the respect for Mr. Jimmy I think he and the rest of living members of the group could liberate much more than exists today.

  13. Eeek! What a shock! Jimmy Page… a dirty, scum hoarder?! :)
    Sorry, couldn’t resist. Please carry on with this fascinating topic

  14. Is Jimmy Page… or David Gilmour… sitting on a pile of perfect quality multi-track tapes that will never see the light of day…? Pity these guys don’t seem too keen to put out more offerings like “How The West Was Won” and “Is There Anybody Out There?”.

    However, I know that EMI has signed a deal with the BBC to licence releases of archive material from the vaults, albeit presumably the stuff we’ve already bought a million times before.

    I think Pearl Jam and Pixies had the right idea in releasing official bootlegs immediately after shows. Surely Warner Bros. and EMI should know that the market for any new official live Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd release is immense…?

  15. The bits I have heard comes from unidentified audience sources. I do not have them anymore since they were incomplete, 30 seconds plus fragments. I have received them more than a year ago from one guy who told me he got them from Japan.
    As it comes for hoarding … do you remember as some asshole stated that TCOLZ is ready to put Baton Rouge 1977 and then everyone though that it was my statement? I understand what Freezer might felt but I agree that holding on these tapes is not only a waste of time and money but also a very selfish job.

  16. There are similar things going on in the Genesis community , and I’m sure in many others.

  17. I’m always surprised to find there isn’t more available for The Who, for a time, they could smoke any of these bands live, yet there seems to very little quality boots of them in their hey-day. Their sales don’t seem to be very strong either. There are a lot of Who fans out there.

  18. “like the feeling of having something rare that nobody else has”
    Want nothing, and you shall have everything.

  19. Hey AA, you mention you got to hear some MP3 bits. What were they??
    What is EV holding back??

  20. Even if the monetary part disappears I don’t think some of this material will ever come out as there are small cliques of elite collectors who use these rare shows as trading chips for other rare material or just like the feeling of having something rare that nobody else has. I have seen this attitude expressed on one of the band forums I belong to..And I have been denied membership to exclusive members only forum lists because I had no rare material to offer………As GS put so well, enjoy the wealth of material you have and don’t worry about what is still being hoarded…….

  21. I don’t know AA they said CD’s would kill vinyl but it hung in there and is making somewhat of a small comeback so I would not give up on silver disc cd’s yet. As long as EVSD can make money on their unreleased titles then I think they will continue to release silver disc exclusives. Sadly the market of silver pressed discs is shrinking and it is coming down to only bands which sell , like Zep, Dylan, Pink Floyd, Clapton, are getting major silver disc treatment these days as it seems like 80%+ of the new titles I see offered are on cdr labels…All I can say is keep buying those silver discs if you want the labels to keep making them!!!….

  22. What are this hoarders waiting for?
    I’m guessing most Zepp collectors are alredy in their 40,s, 50,s or higher. When our generation is gone or trying to make a living on social security who is going to pay a bunch of cash for a concert that would be 50 years old?
    If they are wating to make some money the time is now. If they are just holding the goodies because they are selfish and stupid then there must be a place in hell reserved specially for them where Brittney Spears greatest hits plays full volume 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for eternity.

  23. There are only rumours but since the silver pressed market is going to be much more underground instead of several free trackers, we can should have a little hope that these bits will be liberated someday since people who hoarding them almost for sure want some capital. No money – no sense of hoarding anymore. But I may be wrong…

  24. Aren’t there rumours EVSD has more ’75 boards to release inc one (or both?) Seattle shows? Or is it LA?

  25. True AA. My sincere advice to Pedro is to forget about it. Zep fans have a tremenoudous amount of material to enjoy as it is without having to worry about what you don’t have.

  26. Completely agreed with You, Gerard. I know there are several tapes in the hands of hoarders since I was able to hear some MP3 bits but I don’t know if there is any real chance to hear them. People that are holding them are jealous.

  27. Yes Pedro, there are plenty of tapes out there still in the hands of the hoarders that have not been circulating. The truth is there is so much nastiness, elitism and bad attitudes among Led Zeppelin tape collectors and bootleggers that it’s a wonder anything ever surfaces.

  28. Question for all the Zepp experts out there:
    Is there any chance we will see any new Zepp stuff again??
    Is there anything in the horizon that isn’t re-releases of previously re-released material??
    Has the well gone dry??
    How about the part that’s missing on all those 73 soundboards, a 71 complete sb? How about a complete sb from LA or MSG 77, a sb from the Japan 71 ( not 72) tour, more shows from the first half of ’69? . Can never have enough 75!!
    So, all you Misty Mountain Wizards tell us the truth ( we can handle the truth). Thanks

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