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More Led Zeppelin on Scorpio!

Scorpio continue their release schedule with Led Zeppelin Your Time Is Gonna Come (LZ-08024), a four disc set with the afternoon show in Tokyo on September 24th, 1971.  The first three discs contains the Light & Shade source and the fourth is a bonus disc with the source that was released by Watch Tower on Timeless Rock many years ago except this has “Whole Lotta Love.”

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  1. Thanks LedMan. I agree it is a wonderful sounding release. There will be a full review posted in the next couple of days.

  2. To my ears “Your Time Is Gonna Come” Scorpio (LZ-08024-1/2/3/4) doesn’t sound as harsh as “Light & Shade” on TDOLZ. I also want to mention that just as I was getting into Whole Lotta Love on the bonus disc, it cuts out. I guess it will be 10+ years before I get to hear the full source. I also want to mention without getting into a huge discussion that I do not believe this title is MP3 sourced and it has a full sound. This source is still distorted (First 3 DISCS) however I didn’t find myself running from the room to take cover because I thought everything was going to fall off the ceiling and walls.

  3. just received the cds…no improvement same

  4. Light and Shade as it turns out was actually two seperate recordings. EV released the second half of Light And Shade in full on Balloon Boys. This is just another reissue of the same minus whatever tweaking they decide to do with the recording if any.

  5. Thanks gsparaco. Question: So last year EV released this show ( Balloon Boys?) and used a different source than Light & Shade? I have heard that EV’s source is superior. L&Shade isn’t so bad actually.

  6. Well we don’t know yet Pedro. However, since the Light & Shade source is a good but distorted sounding tape I doubt Scorpio could do much to improve it. But we’ll soon hear the results. If nothing else this should be a more affordable way to hear this source than the highly expensive Empress Valley version of this show released last year.

  7. Has Scorpio remastered or improved the source at all??
    If not, whata waste of time.

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