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new Beatles and Led Zeppelin

The Beatles Rock And Roll Music From Acetate (Contra Band Music CBM-004) contains an alternate mix of the 1976 Beatles compilation. 

The Alf Bicknell Tapes (Smilin’ Ears/SECD-001) is a repress of one of the final Vigotone releases. 

Also, a new Led Zeppelin soundboard for the June 7th, 1977 New York show has surfaced.  It will be pressed onto silver by Eelgrass soon.  We’ll have more info when it becomes available.

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  1. Sure does – until anyone besides EV is releasing new boards they are the only title that keeps me warm. Love how some always criticize their efforts but without the EV board releases – well it would be somewhat boring!

  2. Empress Valley sure brings out the warmth in Led Zeppelin bootleg collectors…

  3. oops – another spelling error on my part – meant to say Confounded Bridge Productions (what credit EV gives on the rear of the slip case). After all it seems our standards are so low in the US that I will be forgiven for my error (kidding).

  4. Use your imagination, make the detection, ask your mind and all your questions will enlight your persons :)

    Yes, the RO family has something to do with sbd revolution but don’t ask me who is behind of it, I dan’t care…

    What’s that Counfounded Bridge Production?!

  5. I’ve heard that the one leaking the soundboards is the one who runs the Royal Orleans site, Jason Peterson. I don’t know for sure, but that’s a rumor floating around.

  6. Thanks Argenteum – what you say makes alot of sense…I was just wondering today where the SB for How the West Was Won might have came from and if others exist. Sounds like they may but given what you say it is not likely too see them ever. Any idea what Counfounded Bridge Productions is – who they are?

  7. To clarify the case, folks…

    All the EV boards came out from one tech who worked for Showco in the 1970s. All that bullshit saying that Page didn’t allow the copying of tapes is nonsense because after the concert all these tapes were stored in one place and were managed by the Showco sound engineers. The LA June 23rd 1977 sbd fragment was received from Showco’s employee and thus it’s proving some ties with the company.

    The next board will cover either West Coast 75 or NY/LA run of 77 tour. Between 1969 and 1973 all the baord tapes were recorded by a different crew and this is the reason why they are not surfacing elsewhere except Jimmy’s own studio. Showco started working for Led Zeppelin in 1973 regulary if my mind is wroking properly :) but it wasn’t until 1975 when Photombeam (a guy from RO who posted some info about his employing as LZ laser operator) had been hired that the soundboards were managed by Showco’s crew. The closest road crew entourage that toured with the band between 1968 and 1973 consisted of five or six persons that were in really close tie with all four members of Led Zeppelin, some of them, as Mick Hinton (Bonham’s drum tech) was very close friend of some of the band members and this is the only reason why these boards will be never released. Those leaked in early 1990s are stolen from Page’s possession and this is all that exists. The same with 1980 run – no Showco, no boards.

    So, I do not want to say we can expect another board from LA stint very soon but it’s more likely we will be faced with something from 1975 or 1979 (or even 1971-73 if some of tapes stolen are still in the hands of hoarders).

    Happy listening, folks!

  8. 6/7/77 Magical Sound Boogie limited edition by EV has nice sound – nice packaging and a heavy price….it does sound a bit dry as other 77′ SBs do but not as dry as I feared. Moving the bass and treble up a bit and it sounds more natural. Not complaining – nice to have.

  9. Silver disc audience recording releases

    6/7/77- Back to the Garden TDOLZ label
    6/8/77 Second Night at the Garden TDOLZ label
    6/10/77 Rock and Roll Circus TDOLZ label
    6/13/77 Over the Garden TDOLZ label
    6/14/77 Final Night at the Garden TCOLZ

    The above audience tapes are average to below average at best. I think RnR CIrcus is the best. There is a SB fragment for the 6/11/77 show which leads me to believe there are other SB’s out there in elite collectors hands which will opefully see the light of day..

  10. LedMan the 6/23 is an isolated source (if you believe the tech who posted on RO). There is only that solo that was given to him to learn his cues. I doubt he has the whole show. And 6/23 is the worst of the LA 77 shows anyhow. Somehow I don’t think the other 77 boards are out there.

  11. Don’t forget the 46 mins. from 06/11 M.S.G. and the 06/23 Forum which so far we have the Guitar Solo. As long as Empress Valley continues to obtain soundboard sources from their connections then who knows what surprises are yet to come. I’m extremely excited about the 06/07/77 and even though the original release is pricey, I’m sure this source wasn’t cheap to obtain and for that reason I will pick up the 6 CD edition. I have several Eelgrass releases and they are a great alternative for those that just want the music on silvers.

    I’m afraid that if not enough collectors continue to seek out the EV’s regardless of price, then they will have no motivation to obtain these soundboard sources.

    I’m sure there’s material being traded in elite groups and the fact is that most of that material will eventually surface for all to enjoy.

  12. I find it rather interesting that there is a narrow band of 77 shows which have boards leaked (5-21 / 5-26 / 5-28 / 6-7) The cleveland and seattle stuff is from isolated sources (probably not the same source as the other boards). My guess is there isn’t much from 77 at all that got into outside hands so to speak. Does anyone know if any shows outside that range trade in elite groups?

  13. Think you have the only 2 audience I know of – impressive – all the reason this SB is of such interest!

  14. Has this MSG show been released before from an aud. source?
    I have BACK TO THE GARDEN & OVER THE GARDEN and I used to have one more but I don’t remember the title. There’s also the almost 1 hour video and an incomplte sdb fragment from the 77 MSG shows. How do all this stuff form the jigsaw of the MSG 77 shows???

  15. Inflated for sure…btw You Tube has the cover art and a track for TSRTS from this new release…it sounds good. If you are in Royal Orleans there is a link to the track…

  16. hopefully that is a indicator of comparative sound quality, unless EV releases are now inflation indexed!

  17. Good observation – hopefully a touch better than these although I do like Bringing the House Down – we’ll see – have an update soon. Yes this new one is expensive as the other more recent 75′ SB titles.

  18. 77 EV SB Releases appear to be almost sequential
    Landover26/05/1977 Bringing 2003
    Houston 21/05/1977 Dragon 2005 Landover28/05/1977 Powhatan 2007
    MSG 07/06/1977 Magical 2010
    ? ? ? ?

  19. The EVSD will cost lots and lots of hard earned money for the different art work.

  20. The new Led Zeppelin release is titled “Magical Sound Boogie” (06/07/77 MSG, previously unreleased SB). It was issued by EVSD and it’s the first NYC 1977 show, complete and in stereo SB. There are two versions with different artworks, both housed in special digipacks with slip cases. As usual, soon Elgrass will ‘kopy it’…

  21. I thought the new 1977 MSG Soundboard release was on EVSD?

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