New Beatles on silver

Two new Beatles titles surfaced recently.  The manufacturers seem to be following the same path as the silver pressed Dr Ebbetts label by pressing popular titles from the fan based Purple Chick label onto silver.  Purple Chick are one of the better Beatle labels around and other labels such as Misterclaudel and Piccadilly Circus have been copying their work for years.  

The first two silver Purple Chick titles are two live compilations:

Convention Hall Wisdom (PC-167/168) with material from September 1964 to April 1965 including:  Philadelphia 9/2/64, Indianapolis 9/3/64, Chicago 9/5/64, Detroit 9/6/64, Toronto 9/7/64, Montreal 9/8/64, Boston 9/12/64, New Orleans 9/16/64, Shindig 10/3/64, Plymouth 10/29/64, and London 4/11/65

Adelaide Reaction (PC-163/164) includes material from June, 1964 specifically:  Netherlands 6/5/64, Bloccker 6/6/64(Early & Late), Adelaide 6/12/64, Melbourne 6/17/64(Early & Late), Sydney 6/18-20/64 Melbourne(video mix) 6/17/64(late)

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