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New Bruce Springsteen on Crystal Cat

Crystal Cat released Bruce Springsteen Santiago Dream Night (CC965-967) documenting the August 2009 show in Monte Do Gozo. 

And as a small Easter bonus Crystal Cat offer an upgrade of the MSG second show.  The 3 disc set is now reissued as soundboard edition and the discs will be sent freely with no additional charge, upon request.

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  1. It seems that if you buy the Santiago Show but did not buy the New York show you will also receive the IEM upgrade of the MSG show

  2. correct…New York City box set or the individual show

  3. Clarification from the label states that you need to have purchased the orgiginal set from the label.

  4. The person you bought the box set from should have been sent copies of the new set to pass on to you. If you just want the new set you have to pay the normal going rate…

  5. how do i get a free copy

  6. i would also love a copy of this since i was there

  7. Yeah great question. Is this free only if you bought the previous audience version issue?

  8. Upon request? Ok, I’d like one-where do I sign up?

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