New Eric Clapton and Pink Floyd

Eric Clapton – Plays Montreux 1992 (Beano-051) is a 2CD set covering his show at Le Casino in Montreux, Switzerland on July 12, 1992

Eric Clapton – Comes Over You (Beano-050) is a 2CD set that features the Lakewood Amphitheater, Atlanta, Georgia performance from July 28, 1990

Eric Clapton – Toledo 1979 (Beano-047) is from Toledo Sports Arena, Toledo, Ohio on June 4, 1979 also on 2CD

…and finally, Pink Floyd – BBC Archives 1967-1969 is a non label compilation of early BBC material being labeled as the “Ultimate Edition” and features 30 tracks on 2CD.

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  1. I have a set of Russian produced mini-lp sleeve cd’s of these recordings (and of the 70, 71, 74 and Hyde Park 2005 recordings, for what it’s worth) wich have a bit more ‘high’ in their mix (and a bit more hiss) as well. I’m not yet sure if I consider this title an upgrade soundwise. The Russian titles definetly look nicer; they have great artwork. And they are very nicely priced AND were easy to find/buy. (6 months ago at least…) Anybody interested?
    However this IS a great sounding BBC set compared to other BBC recordings by Floyd that I’ve heard. Unfortunately I do not know the Great Dane-title…

  2. DLee, indeed! Link to artwork for that CDR release exists here:

  3. PS Had we not concluded that the June 12th session was for ‘Night Ride’, and not ‘Top Gear’?

  4. Thanks for the tracklist!

  5. The Floyd BBC Archives title was actually released previously several months ago as one of those pro-CD-R “bonus/gift/free” items, and is/was a good considerable upgrade, but this time it’ll be much more preferable to finally have it on original factory-pressed silver.

  6. I’m hoping this is a huge upgrade from the old Great Dane title “The Top Gear Sessions”

  7. Thank you for the tracklist, Gerard.

  8. The tracklist of the Pink Floyd is:
    Disc One
    1. Pow R Toc H (14th May 1967 “Look Of The Week”)
    2. Astronomy Domine (14th May 1967 “Look Of The Week”)
    3. The Gnome (25th September 1967 “Top Gear”)
    4. Scarecrow (25th September 1967 “Top Gear”)
    5. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (25th September 1967 “Top Gear”)
    6. Matilda Mother (25th September 1967 “Top Gear”)
    7. Reaction in G (25th September 1967 “Top Gear”)
    8. Flaming (25th September 1967 “Top Gear”)
    9. Green Onions (12th December 1967 “Tomorrow’s World”)
    10. Instrumental (12th December 1967 “Tomorrow’s World”)
    11. Vegetable Man (20th December 1967 “Top Gear”)
    12. Scream Thy Last Scream (20th December 67 “Top Gear”)
    13. Pow R Toc H (20th December 1967 “Top Gear”)
    14. Jugband Blues (20th December 1967 “Top Gear”)

    Disc Two
    1. Instrumental (26th March 1968 “The Sound Of Change”)
    2. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (28th March 1968 “Omnibus’ All My Loving”)
    3. The Murderotic Woman (25th June 1968 “Top Gear”)
    4. The Massed Gadgets Of Hercules (25th June 1968 “Top Gear”)
    5. Let There Be More Light (25th June 1968 “Top Gear”)
    6. Julia Dream (25th June 1968 “Top Gear”)
    7. Point Me At The Sky (2nd December 1968 “Top Gear”)
    8. Baby Blue Shuffle In D Major (2nd December 1968 “Top Gear”)
    9. Embryo (2nd December 1968 “Top Gear”)
    10. Interstellar Overdrive (2nd December 1968 “Top Gear”)
    11. Daybreak (12th May 1969 “Top Gear”)
    12. Nightmare (12th May 1969 “Top Gear”)
    13. The Beginning (12th May 1969 “Top Gear”)
    14. Beset By Creatures Of The Deep (12th May 1969 “Top Gear”)
    15. The Narrow Way (12th May 1969 “Top Gear”)
    16. Moonhead (20th July 1969 “Omnibus’ What If It’s Just Green Cheese?”)

  9. Any more info on the tracks featured on the Floyd title? I presume this is an expanded and upgraded version in relation to the old Great Dane title from the 90’s …


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