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new Frank Zappa and new Tarantura titles…

Guitar Master have released a new Frank Zappa three disc set called Two Cosmik Nights @ San Carlos (GM-022/023/024).  These contain audience tapes from the Circle Star Theater, San Carlos, CA, on July 19th and 21st, 1974.



Tarantura have to great Kiss titles now available.  Heart-Breaker From Hell (TCDKIS78-1) is a two disc title documenting the March 28th, 1978 show at the Budokan in Tokyo from a great sounding Mr. Peach recording.



Also out is another Mr. Peach recording of the Nagoya 1977 show.  This one is called Crazy Killer Whales Alive (TCDKISS-2) and is a one disc set in a gatefold sleeve and obi strip.



Dio The Heavy Metal Headmaster -FRESNO 1985-(TCDIO-1) is a one disc title from the August 17th, 1985 Fresno show.  



And finally Van Halen 1st Blitz Over Tokyo (TCDVH-1) documents the June 17th, 1978 Tokyo show from Van Halen’s first tour of Japan.

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  1. The KISS releases on the other hand are exceptional and very worthwhile the steep price tag!

  2. spinalcrackerbox

    This site has 2 long samples of the Van Halen recording:


  3. I have been listening to the Van Halen release for a couple of weeks now and am comfortable reporting that it is not one of Mr. Peach’s best recordings. Given the exceptional quality of most of his archives, this means that the Van Halen tapes still are better than most others out there. And the show’s friggin wild and heavy, which is caputed in its entirety in this gorgeous production. The only drawback for me is that Michael Anthony’s bass is just too overloaded at times, drowning out Alex and David. It can be equalized down, which helps. Eddie’s performance, however, was absolutely incredible, easily making this title worth having. I simply wanted to let fellow collectors know my personal view that, as has been previously observed on this site, not all Peach recordings are of the same extreme caliber.

  4. Vintage Kiss & Van Halen… super! Mr. Peach sure had good taste in the shows he recorded in those mid 70’s.

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