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new Godfather and Apocalypse Sound

Bob Dylan Feis 2011(GR 659/660) is a 2CD set containing the London show on June 18th. 

The Rolling Stones A Destructive Element (GR 661) contains the September 19th, 1973 Birmingham early show.

Kiss Nuits Parisiennes (GR 662) contains the May 22nd, 1976 Paris show from a great audience tape.  This is the first time this show has been pressed onto CD!

Coldplay Sounds Like Heaven (GR 663) contains their set from the Rock Am Ring event on June 4th including five new songs from a soundboard recording. 

Queen Days Of Our Lives (Apocalypse Sound AS203) contains the BBC documentary complete.

U2 Glastonbury (AS204) contains the complete U2 set from an HD recording. 

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  1. I’m also looking forward to these future Kiss releases. As far as the Stones are concerned, usually Godfather’s titles are easier to obtain and at much better prices. I also prefer a quality gategold versus a jewel case since storage is now an issue with my collection. I’ve heard these same comments from many other collectors.

  2. I’m excited… love the vintage KISS. thanks for the news!

  3. The KISS Paris is just a teaser of more great unreleased KISS things to come though. There will be a major vintage klassic line up KISS release this fall from Godfather that will astonish the ranks of the KISS ARMT. Wait & See. Infor will follow after the Summer!

  4. Sweet kads… Nope, haven’t heard it yet (but I’ve seen the tape floating around the inter-blog-o-sphere). I was merely pointing out that the show HAS been pressed on CD before (albeit incomplete). Sounds like this will be a much superior issue!

  5. @Robert Green: did you hear the CD yet? This is not the SToned in Paris tape this is the original, complete master tape and has NEVER been released on CD. The titles you mentioned had poor LP rips put on DVD. This is the genuine master tape that was tracked down by some serious KISS kollectors of the entire show in its correct running order in a quality way beyond the LP from back in 1985. No pops, skips etc. here, it’s a gem. Propably the best KISS title on GFR so far.

  6. I’m just super stoned, gsparaco. Ha, ha. I meant maybe it WILL become as popular a show to issue. Idol Mind Production, SODD (as a bonus CDR) & Dog N Cat released it almost simultaneously like you said and now we’re getting a Godfather version too… yipee, woohoo, booyah.

  7. What are you talking about, “Robert Green?” The Birmingham tape was last pressed in 2007 by DAC. Before that were several inferior pressings. I don’t think the market is being proliferated this show.

  8. I shouldn’t really complain, but perhaps the Stones 1973 Birmingham tape is becoming the next Wembley 1973 which had a SLEW of releases in the late 00’s…
    If I remember correctly, within a few years, Wembley saw silver issues from Bad Wizard, Vinyl Gang, Halcyon, Devil’s Breath, SODD & finally Dog N Cat, twice!

  9. Not sure who wrote the promo bit about the KISS CD, but this show has indeed been pressed on silver disc as:
    Flaming Youth (Angry Dino AD 1010)
    Kings Of The Nighttime (Kissin Time Records)
    Paris To Toronto ’76 (Gypsy Eye GE019/20)

    However, each issue was incomplete with only 8/9 out of the 12 songs (not including solo interludes).

    This does appear to be the first time the COMPLETE show has been pressed onto CD. Maybe that was the intent of the blurb…

  10. Wow! Even in July when most labels are lazy, the Godfather-team is producing essential new releases. Again great choice of artists! Nice to have a silver pressed gig from Dylan’s wonderful summer tour.

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