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New Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Rolling Stones

Coming out next week are Led Zeppelin The Boy Next Door:  Bath Festival 1970.  This features the newly discovered very good sounding audience tape from the legendary June 28th, 1970 performance at the Bath Festival Of Blues & Progressive Music ’70.

Black Sabbath Battle Of Gods contains studio rehearsals from 1991

Dog N Cat released Sheep-Dip-Blues (DAC-104).  This is a one disc title featuring a remaster source of Sheep-Dip-Blues (OBR).

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  1. Yes the recording is a 2nd Gen from the taper, he lost the master in the 70’s and got a copy back a couple of years after the show from a guy he traded with, the show can be downloaded for free on Dime or as a speed corrected remaster, which I imagine is the one that has been pressed as the work needed will have been done.

  2. Well, I see that EVSD’s release was a “minor upgrade” to the Le Mon Label’s original release, which is only rated a 2 to 5 out of 10, according to the http://www.stryder.de website. Other reviewers say it was a fantastic performance, but this tape has terribly uneven sound, sometimes tolerable, sometimes bad.

    Of the second source, according to the Led Zeppelin Sessions Bootleg Data Base “Not only is the sound much better on this alternate source, the track listing is not broken up in 100 pieces. The sound is a bit tinny but in comparison, a fantastic upgrade to this stellar concert!”

  3. Has anyone heard The Boy Next Year yet? Is it really a significant improvement in sound quality over, say, EVSD’s Bath release of some years ago that (IMHO) is better than it’s given credit for.

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