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  1. I recently picked this up, and I have to say that so far I’m very pleased with it. It stands up nicely when compared with older silver versions of this show including Antrabata’s ‘Arabesue & Baroque – The Third Night’. Like other editions of this show, the Scorpio appears to be a three source mix.

    Unlike the recent Tarantura 2000 version (‘The Rites of Manhood’), which was an expensive and rather disappointing effort, Scorpio’s release has consistently good sound throughout. It also doesn’t suffer from the odd stereo panning present periodically through the T2K set.

    The sound is overall nice & punchy with a decent bottom-end. Transitions between sources seem to be handled smoothly, and any tape-hiss is barely noticable.

    Tastefully packaged in a 4CD fatboy jewel case with contemporary photographs, this is now my go-to version of this sometimes overshadowed marathon Earl’s Court show.

    I’m normally a bit sceptical when reviewers describe certain releases as ‘Definitive’, but in this instance I really feel that it is justified. Excellent release! :-)

  2. That’s their release for this year secured then. Wonder how long it’ll take to hit the streets?

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