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New Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton

Sigma breaks their hiatus with The Arms Of Vancouver (Sigma 56).  This is a massive six disc set containing two audience sources for the April 8th, 1975 Vancouver show. 

Eric Clapton Hunger Burning is a soundboard recording of the June 26th, 1985 Worcester, Massachusetts show. 

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  1. True, but for me, once factored in s&h, fluctuating exchange rate and surcharge for Paypal, a single Sigma CD costs me 32-35GBP, a double 58-66GBP, a 3CD is 75GBP or so, and a 4CD is 89-100GBP. That’s one of the reasons this site has proved invaluable for me: its reviews.

  2. I figured that Sigma was most likely going to do an upgrade of Floyd’s Vancouver ’75 show sooner or later, as I’ve had a CD-R copy of the DSotM part of it at least a couple years by now, but I certainly wasn’t expecting the eventual pressed silver release to be as many as 6 discs when they could’ve made it as few or little as just 2. I probably won’t be getting it myself, at least not anytime soon, but hopefully for others who are considering it and are concerned about the price, it’ll be at the same price as the 6-CD “Assorted Lunatics” (also Sigma), which was actually at quite a reasonable price, at least where I ordered mine from – considering that it was actually only 42.9 % higher than that of a 3-CD. It’s often actually those 1-CD titles that are the most costly in terms of $$$ per disc – especially at a couple stores that I know of that have some rather outrageous prices.

  3. I have no connection to Sigma however I guess they are trying to offer the collector a different listening experience by releasing both sources in one set. Personally I’m not gonna complain since Sigma and Godfather both release some excellent stuff and it might take me a few more weeks to purchase a 6 disc set but considering their attraction I can be patient and usually find it’s worth it.

  4. No, I’m with you lug_nutz, 100%: not what I wanted Sigma to come back with. I cannot justify forking out for a 6CD set unless it turns out to be something very special. Even then, as you say, I’d rather take just the one source.

  5. Sigma 56; 6 discs really? REALLY? Pick the best source, make it sound great and press it as a three disc. If they both sound great, just man up and choose one! Maybe I’ll wait and see if Godfather will release this as a more sensible and affordable 3 disc. (Probably not, since the two labels never seem to overlap on releases). Anybody that has insight and can justify the excursiveness of this release please enlighten me. I’m just thinking about the unnesesary ‘In A House Of Pain’ second source. Or they’re being clever and selling this first and have the 3 disc ‘Definitive’ version waiting in the wings…sorry that was my wallet talking.

  6. Great news!!! It will be very interesting to find out how “Hunger Burning” compares to “Slowhand Masterfile – Part 11B”!!

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