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new Pink Floyd and Neil Young

The Sigma label comes back with two intreguing new Pink Floyd titles.  Santa Monica 1971 (Sigma 50) is the silver pressed debut for the October 16th, 1971 show. 

For a limited time copies of Santa Monica 1971 comes with the bonus cdr “Cosmos” Radio Show.  This was broadcast on October 16th 1971 – KPPC-FM Pasadena and is a thirty-seven minute interview with Nick Mason and Richard Wright. 

San Diego 1975 (Sigma 51) is a two disc set with the April 21st, 1975 show on silver disc for the first time. 

Neil Young & Crazy Horse Don’t Spook The Crazy Horse is an upgraded recording of the secret gig played in The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, California on November 13th, 1990 on 3CDs.

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  1. We’ll find out about the Neil Young title soon enough. We should definitely have review of that intreguing title.

  2. Very happy with the new Sigma titles! Does anybody know if the new Neil Young title is that much better than the Seymour Records version?

  3. I concur! Actually both Sigma items are welcome for certain! Perhaps it’s time to break out the old “wantlist” and sift back through it again….

  4. It was about time that Sigma, or any of the other Floyd labels, did the Santa Monica 1971-10-16 show, as it’s been sort of long-overdue. But there are still some other Floyd shows that have been at least somewhat overdue as well – such as the Boeblingen 1972-11-15 show, which I certainly hope is released soon. Anyway, nevertheless I’m still very much looking forward to this new Sigma 50 release.

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