New Pink Floyd and Whitesnake

Pink Floyd - M502

Pink Floyd – M-502 (Sigma 97) is a 2CD/DVD set. The audio CDs are supposed to be an upgrade of the Hamburg, Germany show from February 25th, 1971 taken from an original first press double vinyl LP. This was previously released by Sirene on M-502 Collector’s Edition (Sirene-176) which was a 4CD set featuring two versions of the same tape source. The DVD is taken from the Aspekte TV program from German TV station ZDF containing footage of the February 25th and February 26th shows in Hamburg and Offenbach as well as some interviews. This was available as a bonus DVDR previously so it will be nice to have a pressed version now.

Pink Floyd - Pompei Collectors Edition

Pink Floyd – Live At Pompeii: Collector’s Edition (no label) is a 3DVD set containing 3 different edits of the classic Pompeii film. Disc 1 is from the 1972 original film, Disc 2 is from the 1974 theatrical version and Disc 3 is copied from the 1983 Japanese Betamax release.

Pink Floyd - Animals Aux Abattoirs

Pink Floyd – Animals Aux Abattoirs (Sigma 98) is a 2CD set from Paris, France on February 25th, 1977. This was previously issued twice before as Charade (Sigma 10) and most recently as Definitive Paris Final (Sigma 76) so hopefully this will be the final word on this show.

Whitesnake - Last Stand In Tokyo

Whitesnake – The Last Stand In Tokyo (Zodiac 020) is a 2CD set that features the Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan show from May 9th, 2013.

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  1. Has anbody heard Aux Abbatoir?

  2. Anybody interested in Sigma or Godfather-titles from PF (or related)? I’m going to part with quite a lot of titles from these labels’ backcatalogue; lost my job need the money.
    Drop me a note with titles your looking for at [email protected]

  3. it’s incredible having another Paris release on this label, when they started releasing PF items i thought they were continuing in the tracks of the amazing Sirene label: well , i was wrong! How many Boston releases did they? How many Paris releases are going to do? No new idea, no risk ,are they music lovers or just business men?

  4. having bought a release ‘Definitive Paris Final’, I really was not expecting another release of this show, particularly from the same label.


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