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New Pink Floyd, Asia, Steve Hackett, & Toto

Pink Floyd - Osaka 1971  A New Tape Transfer

Pink Floyd – Osaka 1971: A New Tape Transfer (Sigma 106) is a 2CD set from Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan on August 9th, 1971. Sigma released this before on Osaka 1971 (Sigma 67) but this comes from “A New Tape Transfer Of A Low Generation Tape”.
Asia - Asia In Asia Definitive Soundboard Masters

Asia – Asia In Asia: Definitive Soundboard Masters (Virtuoso 168/169) is a 2CD stereo soundboard from Budokan, Tokyo, Japan on December 6th & 7th, 1983. This is “Taken from the original radio show records(Westwood One Radio Networks Superstar Concert Series)”.
Steve Hackett - Live In Nottingham 1990 DVD

Steve Hackett – Live In Nottingham 1990 (no label) is a pressed DVD featuring about an hour of pro-shot footage from Central TV Studios, Nottingham, UK on September 2nd, 1990.
Toto - Isolation In Budokan

Toto – Isolation In Budokan (Zion-042) is a 2CD set from Budokan, Tokyo, Japan on February 26th, 1985. This was also released a few years back as Can’t Go Livin’ Without You (Zion-007).
Toto - Strong As A Tower

Toto – Strong As A Tower (Zion-043) is a 2CD stereo soundboard from Nagoya-shi Kokaido in Nagoya, Japan on November 1st, 1990.

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  1. On the subject of the ‘bonus CDR/ DVDR’, there have been several that deserve a silver issue. Indeed, one of the Ozzy silvers, from Hammersmith (London) 1980, came with the same show on CDR froma different source – the CDR is of better SQ than the silver.

  2. That Godfather Rainbow Box and Sirene’s Best Of Tour 72 are expensive and way had to find.

  3. Careful Axeman Eugene

    a couple or few years ago, DLee repeatedly posted about wanting a new version of the Boeblingen 1972 show, but none of the labels would listen, it seems. Sigma released it just a few weeks ago as one of their no-label so-called “free gift” pro-CDR items, and it seems that they’ve released a lot of great or interesting recordings over the years on pro-CDR that they should have put on pressed silver instead. and isn’t the Last Scream label that’s put out some of the early-era Floyd stuff actually just Sigma? also, finally, as central Ohioans, DLee & I both always find it amusing whenever anybody misspells Cincinnati as “Cincinatti” as everybody always seems to do. :-)

  4. How ’bout Floyd from ’68 or earlier that remains untouched? I’d be interested in almost anything if the quality isn’t too obnoxious, as I know some of the Syd shows are. And what of The Who? There must be SOME good pre-Tommy tapes aside from Fillmore East ’68 and the High Numbers gig out on Yellow Dog awhile back…they would certainly fill some holes in our assembled performance histories of these two bands

  5. I’d like to see a 2 disc set of the “Coming Of Kahoutek” Pink Floyd Rainbow Show.

    There has been a couple, First being the Godfather box Complete Rainbow 1972 and the older Sirene title Best Of Tour 72. I myself agree, böblingen 1972 would make an excellent release, as would Croydon Jan 70 and any of the pre 70 recordings that Sigma has not really touched on. At least Godfather is still putting out new to silver Floyd titles, their Cincinatti 72 release looks awesome

  6. Will the Asia-release be reviewed?
    I have a 1CD release of that show, what is the tracklist of this one, anyone?
    Like this show a lot. Greg Lake in John Wetton’s footsteps; the opposite way of when Wetton became a member of King Crimson.
    Halfway through Road To Red; that’s also fantastic!

  7. I’d like to see a 2 disc set of the “Coming Of Kahoutek” Pink Floyd Rainbow Show.

  8. Agreed Robbie. I loved that Toto Isolation album way back.

  9. why dont they issue a decent Edition of böblingen 1972 (3cd with both sources) instead of always the same Japan 71/72, Boston 75 tapes …

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