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new Rainbow and Pink Floyd

Next week two Rainbow titles will be released.   Ripped Apart (Darker Than Blue 080/081) contains the show from Budokan, Tokyo, Japan  on 21st October 1982.  

The End (Darker Than Blue 082/083/084/085) is a four disc set with the Budokan, Tokyo, Japan shows on 13th & 14th March 1984 from the original masters.  

Pink Floyd Definitive Rave Master (Sigma 52) contains the Dan Lampinski tape from Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts on 18th June 1975. 

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  1. I agree with aleebee. Although it’s not a huge upgrade, DEFINITIVE WALL sounds slightly better thatn YOUR FAVORITE DESGUISE.

  2. Whilst I deliberate on the two ‘Rave Masters’, I CAN say that Rainbow fans shall not be disappointed with ‘Ripped Apart’ on DTB. This is the night in Tokyo preceding ‘Same Old Dream’ (DTB 064/065).

  3. As for which is better in terms of performance, that’s probably rather hard to say, as I think that neither is clearly superior to the other (they’re both roughly equal in my opinion), so it sure wouldn’t surprise me if approx. half favored one somewhat, while approx. the other half preferred the other somewhat – they’re both great performances.

  4. Out of Definitive Rave Master and Pink Millard (Sigma 31), which is a better performance?

  5. Thanks very much for that considerably helpful reply. I guess “Definitive Rave Master” will be one that I have to get after all, which means that I’m probably going to be somewhat overwhelmed in January with all the CD’s that I have to listen to (several times each) – Floyd, The R. Stones, Cream, Derek & The Dominos, Eric Clapton, etc.

  6. oh freakin’ a… another title that i apparently must buy! but how can i complain when it’s a regarding a true upgrade?

  7. I received my copy of Pink Floyd DEFINITIVE RAVE MASTER. I can tell you that it is a major upgrade to RAVE MASTER (Sigma 3). It sounds perfect. The Dan Lampinski tapes are truly outstanding.

  8. Yenssongs, I wouldn’t go by what your PC or iTunes ever think these things are. Often I’ve found that it comes up with the same source but a different title, ie of a boot known to me or in my collection, when patently they are NOT the same source. I don’t know how 2CD Definitive Wall compares to 4CD MFD but I can say that DW is superb. I didn’t buy the 4CD MFD as I didn’t also want a lesser quality show, for which I would be paying.

  9. Apparently the D. Lampinski tape of Floyd may have also just been released by the pro-CD-R label Blue Café, but what’s possibly even more interesting is that Blue Café has coupled it with what they claim to be, possibly erroneously, the never-previously-released-or-even-just-circulated Floyd show in Los Angeles on the 25th of April ’75 – whether or not it’s actually the 25th as claimed will be interesting to see, but if it indeed in fact is, then I’ve never known it to be circulated before. Blue Café has it, along with what’s apparently the Lampinski-sourced recording, as a 4-pro-CD-R title called “Reel to Reel Drooling” – eventually Sigma, Godfather, or another Floyd label willing to may eventually release their own factory-pressed silver original version of the L.A. 1975-04-25 show, if it turns out to be legit, that is. Enough to distract, & possibly even temporarily sidetrack, a fan from hunting for info. on the ‘Net about the CD’s of Eric Clapton, Derek & The Dominos, Cream, etc., etc.

  10. A friend of mine who recently listened to a download of the Lampinski tape claims this source is better than “Echoes In The Garden”! He said, despite some hiss, this version is much more upfront & centered and has a more crisper, cleaner sound.

  11. @Oldman24: Definitive Wall is exactly the same as Favourite Disguise. I put Definitive Wal into my PC drive and there it was automaticly called Favourite Disguise…Old CDs with new label printing only.

  12. Oldman24, I haven’t heard any word regarding Definitive Wall. I don’t know anyone who has it.

  13. Since there is no review of Definitive Wall(Sigma 49), does anyone know how it compares to disc 3 and 4 of Your Favourite Disguise (Sigma 23)??

  14. aleebee, if and when you get Sigma-52, would love to hear your opinion!

  15. If you decide to buy DEFINITIVE RAVE MASTER then Sigma will throw in a FREE COPY of RAVE MASTER (Sigma 3)! This offer is limited to the first 50 buyers only. I already ordered my set…

  16. I didn’t think Rave Master (Sigma 3) was an upgrade over Highland’s excellent Live At The Garden, actually, so at least, if Definitive RM IS, I can replace two titles! Definitive Oakland (Sigma 37) WAS an upgrade over previous titles for that date, including Sigma 2. Not a huge upgrade, as Sigma 2 sounded great, but better it was.

  17. From a marketing point of view maybe Sigma should have splintered into two different labels. Keep the Sigma name for titles like Sigma-50 & Sigma 49 (which where GREAT new additional to my silver collection). And create a ‘new’ label for these redundant / re-worked titles. Maybe Sigma Collector Edition for these kinda head scratching releases (Sigma-49, Sigma-37 and Sigma-32). This will be one of the few titles I think I’m going to pass on…or at least till I can get a lot more information on the quality.

  18. Is anyone planning on getting this one? Please post here and let us know what you think. I really don’t think there will be a full review of this one.

  19. And I was all excited, when I saw ‘new PF title’. Hard to see how it’ll be better but, who knows? Well, someone shall soon, I hope and can tell me via this board.

  20. When I heard about Lampinski’s tape I knew Sigma would release it. I’m sure it’s a fine recording as are all of his tapes, but will it compete with the Hopkins tape? I still think Echoes In The Garden is definitive for that show (maybe I’ll post a review soon).

    And DLee is correct. Sigma ought to concern themselves more with shows that are not available before reissuing shows that have been out countless times before.

  21. The Dan Lampinski tape? I very much have to wonder if it’s noticeably or significantly better, if any better at all, than the best of all the previously-released versions. I personally would really prefer Sigma to release other Floyd shows that are either new or in need of an upgrade before tweaking all these previously-released shows that are already virtually or nearly as “perfect” as they can be. Hell, I’d almost rather start collecting boot CD’s of artists whose officially-released CD’s I sometimes listen to, such as Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Who, Deep Purple, Yes, The Kinks, The Allman Bros. Band, etc., etc., etc.

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