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New releases

Idol Mind is going to release The Beatles Ultra Rare Trax:  2010 Remaster Box – Off Original Reels.  This is a three CD set with the first three Ultra Rare Trax releases from the late 80s.  The first two volumes will also be issued individually, but the third will remain exclusive to deluxe edition.  The deluxe edition is in a special wooden box and limited to 200 copies.

Audiofon have two new titles.  Paul McCartney and Wings Trevor Jones Collection Vol. 1 is a collection of the Speed Of Sound outtakes that recently surfaced along with other rarities and live tracks.

The Beatles Helter Skelter & 18 Other Songs is a collection of “best of” tracks from the massive Rock Band collection.

Yes Towards Perfection (Virtuoso 089/090) documents the November 29th, 1977 Cologne show on the Going For The One tour.  Highland already released this show many years as Wonderous Show (Fragile JY22A/B).  It’s a nice show, but with Amity releasingYesshows ’78:  4th Night At Wembley also next week, it begs the question why?  The Wembley show has never been released on silver boot before and could benefit by being on Virtuoso. 

Led Zeppelin Mercy On Me is a two disc set on the no label label with the 1973 Hamburg show.  Unlike Suspended Animation on IQ, this release contains the complete tape with the opening two songs “Rock And Roll” and “Over The Hills And Far Away.” 

Black Sabbath Bringer Of Evil:  Definitive Edition is at three disc set with three tapes from the 1980 era.

Dog N Cat released Goin’ Back To The Roots (DAC-102).  This is a 2CD set with two 1972 shows.  Disc one has the July 6th, 1972 Charlotte tape which the label claims is from a lower generation than previous versions.  Disc two contains the rare July 5th Norfolk show, sourced from a new tape.

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  1. Thanks,gsparaco for the info.

  2. Yes is has, but Amity is sourced from a Lampinski tape. That’s the issue yenssongs was making.

  3. I thought the 8/15/77 show was released already on silver already.

  4. The two titles yenssongs mentions are Master Of Delirium (Amity 187) with the Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI show from July 23rd July 1975 and the other is Wonderous Providence (Amity 168) with Providence, August 15th 1977. Either of these two would have been a much better choice than the 1977 Cologne show.

    Regarding a CMR review, maybe one will appear. I know that I’m not planning on it.

  5. What are the 2 Lampinski masters on the Amity label ?

  6. I agree 100%. There are a billion more worthy tapes for silver than the Cologne 1977 gig. It’s a great show, but it’s been out before and there are many more Going For The One shows out there. In any event, There won’t be any review for this new Yes silver.

  7. Good to see a new YES title as a silver pressed release. I wonder why VIRTUOSO releases the Cologne 77 show again. HIGHLAND already released that show. Their release WONDEROUS SHOW was taken directly from the original cassette master tapes. Few days ago VIRTUOSO folks released 2 brilliant 1975 Dan Lampinski master tapes as CDR on their AMITY label. Why don’t they release these great Lampinski tapes as silver discs? Cologne 77 is a perfect YES gig indeed. But Dan Lampinskis treasures would have been a better choice. Anyway…THANKS for one more YES silver release.

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