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UFO Live Force documents a soundboard from Record Plant, Sausalito, California, on October 6th, 1975

Rainbow Spotlight Night (Darker Than Blue 100/101) has the August 26th 1981 Budokan show.

Jeff Beck Nights Of Emotion is a four disc set with two shows, October 24th, 2010 in Bristol and October 26th in London.

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  1. Thanks marjorieboy. What bothers me is Bob’s rudeness. If he doesn’t understand something he should ask instead of making a jerk of himself. This is the abuse I get even though I don’t get paid to do this.

  2. gsparaco, good come back to Bob. I am looking forward to your upcoming review of the Jeff Beck title. I rely on your reviews you help me make wise buying decisions.

  3. Well, Bob, I guess you’re new to the website. Postings that say “new releases” usually tell what is coming out soon. They’re not meant to be reviews, but rather news articles.

    With that said, you can expect a review of the Jeff Beck title in the next couple weeks. And maybe then you can reward my hard work with a cup of joe.

  4. Why would anyone buy you a “cup of joe” for your UFO/Jeff Beck review? There wasnt one word of commentary in there. Did you even listen to the discs before your posted your review? Id rather buy a homeless guy a “cup of joe”

  5. The UFO release is a counterfeit.It has been released officially.

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