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 Several exciting new releases have come out recently.  Tarantura released their third Mr. Peach Kiss recording on Makin’ Up!  Makin’ Love! (KIS78-2) with the  Tokyo show on March 29th, 1978.


Yes Saving Grace Of God (Virtuoso 113/114/115/116/117/118) is a six disc set cover the final three Union shows on March 2nd, March 3rd and March 5th, 1992.  Also included in a miniature replica of the tour programme.

 This ranks as not only one of the most ambitious titles manufactured by Virtuoso, but also THE most impressive Yes bootleg from the Union tour to ever surface.  

Bruce Springsteen The Definitive Atlanta is a 3CD title cover the September 30th, 1978 Fox Theatre, soundboard.

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  1. Yes, the Yes box WILL be reviewed ASAP. CMR is going to be down within the next couple of days for maintenance to improve the site. I anticipate, given the size of the Yes, the review to be posted AFTER the update.

  2. Is this Yes box being reviewed here? I’d love to learn more about it.

  3. Also listed today is Ozzy Osbourne – Hammersmith Blizzard (Shades 410), a single disc from the Hammersmith Odeon, London on September 20, 1980. I am glad to see that the Ozzy/Randy shows are getting the silver treatment lately.

  4. I forgot to mention the difference includes the newest Godfather release. This pre-fm source first popped up later in the year after the Godfather release.

  5. It differs big time if it is sourced from the newest version of the recording to first circulate online. The newest version is sourced from a pre-fm broadcast tape of the show that is almost complete. All prior versions circulated exclusively from over the air fm recordings.

  6. Would love to know if this Atlanta set differs any from the recent Godfather release.

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