New releases from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, & Uriah Heep

ZEP B72-FLed Zeppelin – Budokan 1972 1st Night (no label) is a four disc set from Budokan, Tokyo, Japan on October 2nd, 1972. This features two versions of the same source labeled “Original Master” and “Remaster”.

PF C70-FPink Floyd – Copenhagen 1970: New Tape Transfer (Sigma 150) is a 2CD set from Falkoner Centret, Copenhagen, Denmark on November 12th, 1970. This is being called an upgrade to Blindness (Sigma 5).

Pink Floyd – Manchester 1974Pink Floyd – Manchester 1974 (Sigma 151) is a triple disc from The Palace Theatre, Manchester, UK on December 9th, 1974. This is also being called an upgrade from their previous Creative Intelligence (Sigma 19).

UH B76-FUriah Heep – Boston 1976 (Virtuoso 270/271) is a 2CD set from the Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA on May 6th, 1976.

UH K16-FUriah Heep/Lucifer’s Friend – Kawasaki 2016 2nd Night (Virtuoso 265/266/267) is a 3CD set featuring both band’s performances from Club Citta’, Kawasaki, Japan on January 17th, 2016.

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  1. “….an upgrade to Blindness” I hope it will refer to a better sound source for “A saucerful” and “Embryo”…

  2. Hi, I´d like to get Pink Floyd “Manchester 1974” (Sigma) or “Decline and fall of the British Empire” (Sigma)…..which one is better on sound quality, especially on vocals….

    • The vocals on Decline and fall are better, music sound on both are pretty close but again Decline is just a bit crisper.

      • Thank you relayer67 for your opinion….I´ll choose Decline…

  3. I know I’ve grumbled over Sigma’s fondness for upgrading its own earlier Floyd releases, but I’m interested in ‘Copenhagen 1970’, as ‘Blindness’ is a title I often play.

    I’m also tempted by Pink Floyd ‘Manchester 1974’, but I had the Shout To The Top 2CD release ‘Manchester Day’ (Shout To The Top STTP 146/147) and found the band excellent but the crowd rather noisy.

    Any Uriah Heep silver is welcome, as they are few and far between (although some, being brutal, sound horrible). ‘Boston 1976’ was originally a show scheduled for March 13th, but when contracts were inked it was confirmed as April 17th. However, Ken Hensley left – whether he actually 100% left the band is unclear – but was persuaded to return. The rescheduled show of May 6th would prove to be David Byron’s last US show with Uriah Heep. The US tour preceded the release of the ‘High And Mighty’ album by a couple of weeks, although 3 new tracks were played. I downloaded the show in April 2015, but it may have been released into the wild earlier. SQ is 8/10, with clear vocals (Byron, Wetton, and ensemble), both guitars being clear, and good keyboards. The bass is less distinct but still present, and the same can be said of the drums and cymbals. Altogether, highly enjoyable. The taper was not given on the download, but, being a high quality recording from Boston in the mid-1970s, Dan Lampinski must be a good candidate, surely.

    I wondered whether the Virtuoso label is new, but the catalougue number suggests not – simply new to me, then.

    Uriah Heep ‘Kawasaki 2nd Night’ would be of great interest but the I’m only interested in the Heep set, and 3 discs pushes up the price, particularly as Customs loves me.

    I’m still hopeful of silver for Heep’s 1982 Budapest radio broadcast, and I know the Isle of Mann show 1982 was broadcast on, I think, Radio Luxembourg. Add Hammersmith 1988 broadcast by the BBC and there’s 3 excellent shows deserving of decent treatment.


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