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New Cream soundboards release from Empress Valley

The Empress Valley label have announced their first release of the year and it consists of some brand new and unreleased Cream soundboards.


“The Last Goodbye” consists of 4CDs with a bonus CD contained in a 2 box set. It’s limited to an edition of 200 numbered copies.
The label claim ‘Perfect sound (from multi-track masters)’ offering ‘official quality sound.’

Disc 1
4th October, 1968 Oakland CA USA / 8 songs
Disc 2
20th October, 1968 San Diego CA USA / 9 songs
Disc 3
19th October, 1968 Los Angeles CA USA / 9 songs
Disc 4
26th November, 1968 London UK / 9 songs


This maybe one of the best Cream releases to be announced in the past few years in that case and a definite claim for your collection.

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  1. Maybe old news , but An official release is in the pipeline, see

    Hopefully properly mastered.

    • From what I have read there was a possibility that the EV set was sourced from lossy sources, this new release should be from the actual masters. I am very much looking forward to this release

  2. Well, can anyone who owns this box set comment on the sound quality? Is it indeed an upgrade from the old soundboards?

  3. Careful Axeman Eugene

    Apparently it’s now being re-issued or re-released, but now with possibly a lower price, in a jewel case rather than a boxed set, and with a different bonus disc that features Cream’s show in New Haven, Connecticut (USA) on Oct. 11th, 1968 rather than the Boston ’67 show at the Psychedelic Supermarket. Eric Sachs told us via e-mail that he doesn’t know yet whether the New Haven ’68 show will eventually be made available separately from the main 4CD part of the set. If not, and if it won’t be available anywhere or anyhow else at a reasonable price, doesn’t that just kind of really very much screw all those who paid so much for the boxed set before it sold out most everywhere early last year? We indicated that we would very likely be rather pissed if that actually turns out to be the case very unfortunately, but Mr. Sachs had nothing more or nothing further to say about it. Anybody else, like myself, starting to feel potentially quite disgusted & outraged about this?!

    • It is a bit of a shit but the label know the collectors mentality just like the majors – If they release it, we will buy it. Personally I couldn’t stomach the high price of the original but messing about with the selection of the box leaves me a little cold – I know it’ll be just as expensive for me to try find the extra pieces I’m missing.

  4. Nice packaging but- Haven’t these recordings been avaiable previously-a long time ago?

    • Careful Axeman Eugene

      yes, but this new release is supposed to be quite an upgrade, esp. for the San Diego show, for which previously only a few tracks had been released. now several more tracks from the San Diego show are being released, along with a few more tracks from the Los Angeles show. the sound quality is also supposedly upgraded at least slightly for the shows included, and the London show, which was their last/farewell show until their reunion in 2005, had been somewhat hard to find on pressed silver original CD (audio-only)

      also, for those who may not already know, there’s both a Deluxe Edition & a Standard Edition. the Deluxe incl. a bonus CD of the Boston 1967 show at the Psychedelic Supermarket, is a numbered limited edition of 200 copies only worldwide, but is priced approx. $20 more than the Standard

  5. I’ve been looking as well terry g. There is one currently available on eBay. Other than that I have yet to find anyone with it available.

  6. Can anyone help me locate this title? All help greatly appreciated.

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