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New releases from The Rolling Stones, Jeff Beck, Oasis, & Van Halen!

The Rolling Stones – Buffalo 1981 (no label) is a 2CD set from Rich Stadium, Orchard Park, NY on September 27th, 1981.

Jeff Beck – Yokohama 1980: Definitive Master (Wardour-467) is a 2CD set from Bunka Taiikukan, Yokohama, Japan on December 16th, 1980.

Jeff Beck – Tokyo 1980: Definitive Master (Wardour-468) is a 2CD set from Budokan, Tokyo, Japan on December 17th, 1980.

Oasis – Frankfurt 1994: DAT Master (Wardour-469) is a single disc from Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany on November 23rd, 1994.

Oasis – Baltimore 1995: DAT Master (Wardour-470) is a single disc recorded at Hammerjacks, Baltimore, MD on October 10th, 1995.

Van Halen – Little Rock 1979 (Zodiac 450) is a 2CD set from Barton Coliseum, Little Rock, AR on June 8th, 1979.

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  1. Careful Axeman Eugene

    I can’t get logged into the right page at CMR, but I got the Pink Floyd 2CD “Santa Monica October 1970” (Sigma 275) last Monday (April 26th), and it’s awesome, as not only is the upgrade in sound quality rather discernible, but it’s also a reminder of what a truly great show it was, esp. with some of the best, if not THE very best, versions of CwtAE & ASoS, plus other gems such as AHM & Interstellar Overdrive.

    And I just can’t wait to get my hands on that new live Wall show by Golden Eggs (EGG 156/157 – “Another Wall in the Court”)!

    PS to Relayer67…..I sent you an e-mail during the early part of the weekend to thank you for your reply to my ABB “Fishin’ for a Good Time” message.

    • TheWalrusWasPaul

      Is the Golden Eggs release a new uncirculated source or is it from Yeeshkul?

      • Careful Axeman Eugene has asked me to post on his behalf that the promo for this set doesn’t pinpoint where the source is from, only that it’s ‘On CD for the first time’. Hopefully our reviews will be able to put a finer point on this when the disks are out there.

  2. I think the Buffalo 81 CD is taken from the newly surfaced audience master, which sounds very good. I don’t know if the SBD is in here at all.

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