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New releases on CD & DVD!

The Rolling Stones – It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll (no label) is a 4CD set featuring the July 15th & 16th, 1975 shows at the Cow Palace, San Francisco, CA.

The Rolling Stones – Vienna 1976 (no label) is a 3CD set featuring two recordings from Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria on June 23rd, 1976. Recorder 2 is incomplete allowing it to fit onto a single disc.

Pink Floyd – Radio City Music Hall 1973 (Sigma 215) is a 2CD set from Radio City Music Hall, New York City, NY on March 17th, 1973.

Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow – Berlin 2018 (Black Box 026) is a 2CD + DVD recorded at Velodrom, Berlin, Germany on April 18th, 2018.

David Lee Roth – Fresno 1986 Complete (Zodiac 300) is a 2CD set from Selland Arena, Fresno, CA on December 14th, 1986.

Europe – The Final Countdown World Tour & In America (no label) is a 2DVD set that contains two pro-shot documents. “The Final Countdown World Tour” features Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK from February 23rd, 1987 and “In America” features the Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA from April 22nd, 1987.

…and a late addition…

David Bowie – Hemel Hempstead 1972 (Wardour-279) is a single disc from the Pavilion, Hemel Hempstead, UK on May 7th, 1972.

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  1. Careful Axeman Eugene

    Now, I need to take back some things that I said about Sigma 215 (“Radio City Music Hall 1973”). Actually, up until approx. 3:17 or 3:18 into “The Great Gig in the Sky”, it’s actually noticeably superior in overall sound quality to Godfather’s “Obscured by Father Time”, which had better-than-average sound quality for an early ’70’s audience recording to start with in the first place. Approx. 3:17-18 into “TGGitS” on Sigma 215 is where things unfortunately start to go sour, preventing Sigma 215 from being the new definitive version, esp. with approx. 4:53 missing from “Us & Them”. Starting approx. 3:17/3:18 into TGGitS is where Sigma uses an inferior source, what seems to me even slightly inferior to Godfather’s 2 different sources used. Sources are changed again approx. 1:56 into the very incompletely brief “Us & Them” on Sigma 215, and unfortunately there’s also a (very?) brief dropout that lasts approx. less than a full second or so approx. 3:25 or 3:26 into “Any Colour You Like”, one of my all-time fave versions, esp. with its rather “boxy” type of sound.on Godfather’s version.

    Also, “Speak to Me” on Sigma 215 is approx. 1:54 longer than Godfather’s version. I suppose I’m going to have to use a combo of both Sigma 215 & Godfather’s version to burn a 2CD-R copy for myself that would become the definitive version of this excellent show.

    • Is the new Sigma definitely the same main source as used on the godfather release? i found it hard
      to distinguish between the sources at times as they were of similar quality from memory. The version i have in the PFA “The Dark Side OF America” box is the excellent rec 2 source tape and sounds great, it was a direct copy of the fan remaster “When You’re In RCM”. The fragments i have heard from the new sigma have a much higher frequency range and Sigma themsleves refer to the main source used in the new edition as recorder 4 and filled with the Rec 2.

      • Careful Axeman Eugene

        No…..Sigma apparently must have used a source different from Godfather’s. Sigma uses mostly Recorder 4 until approx. 3:17 or 3:18 into “TGGitS”, and from that point onwards, they use mostly Recorder 2 the rest of the way, with a few brief patches from other sources.

        I’ve finally managed to use a combo of Sigma’s version & Godfather’s version to burn a CD-R of what I consider a definitive version of the 2nd half of this awesome show (Disc 2) for myself (the definitive version of the 1st half is pretty much just Sigma’s Disc 1), and I could try uploading it soon to WeTransfer (http://wetransfer.com/) for the Floyd fans here who may be interested in downloading the tracks of it for themselves. The main purpose was to get the full version of “Us & Them” (approx. 7:35) and eliminating the brief dropout approx. 3:25-26 into “Any Colour You Like”.

          • Careful Axeman Eugene

            I can upload the audio files to WeTransfer, but in order to do that, there’s 2 things…..

            1. I need the e-mail addresses of anybody/everybody who wants to download them, and each & every person who does needs to either already have a WeTransfer account, or sign up (register) for one, which is free (http://wetransfer.com/).

            2. Unfortunately, for whatever strange reason(s) unknown to me, I can’t get the FLAC program to convert them to FLAC files to work on my PC, so I can only upload them as huge WAV files, which will take a while, esp. if I have to upload all 17 files. For those who may already have Sigma 215, it would make it much easier for me since I would really need to upload only the 4 tracks (WAV files) that are different from Sigma’s version (Sigma 215).

            Also, I forgot to mention that Disc 2 of Godfather’s version has a total playing time of 58:16, Disc 2 of Sigma’s version has a total playing time of just 55:29, whereas my own personal definitive version runs as long as 60:09 (due to not only “Us & Them” being complete, but “Speak to Me” also being 1:54 longer on Sigma’s version (3:41) compared to Godfather’s version being just 1:47).

          • Careful Axeman Eugene

            I forgot to mention that for those of you who want to give me your e-mail address in order to download the audio files at WeTranfer, you can e-mail me at xyzXYZee “at” aol “dot” com

          • Careful Axeman Eugene

            Unfortunately, since apparently no one at all indicated any interest, after more than a week, I had to delete the huge audio files to prevent them from continuing to take up so much space on my PC. Thus, they’re no longer available. Sorry.

    • Careful Axeman Eugene

      Actually, I think that “Any Colour You Like” could very well be my #1 fave version ever, as I can’t think of any other version that’s superior or at least as awesome, except maybe the one from Wembley 1974-11-16 or the very best ones from 1975. I esp. love the rather “boxy” type of sound that the RCMH 1973-03-17 version has.

      Anybody whatsoever agree or disagree? Can anybody at all think of any other live “ACYL” that’s better or at least as awesome?

  2. There are three circulating sources for the Radio City gig that are almost complete and well as two other partial sources that are fragmentary, so it will depend on what “mix” Sigma uses. I will probably get this release as well as I missed the Godfather title and only have the old pro CD-r Dark Side of Radio City on Pigs on the Wing label.
    Please let us know what you think !

    • Careful Axeman Eugene

      I just got Sigma’s “Radio City Music Hall 1973”, and unfortunately so far, overall I’d have to say that it’s a thumbs down. The chunk of music that’s missing is right where I feared it would be the most…in “Us & Them”, which is approx. only 2:42 long. I wish Sigma could have used one of the sources used on Godfather’s “Obscured by Father Time” to patch in the missing chunk in “Us & Them”.

      And although it’s possible that some parts of Sigma 215 could actually be slightly better than Godfather’s version, which I have yet to confirm without a direct comparison, other parts, such as those starting approx. halfway into “DSotM”, are noticeably inferior. So I think that Godfather’s version is still the preferred, best version available, overall.

      • Careful Axeman Eugene

        I’ve also noticed a very brief dropout, or possibly even (much) worse, an edit, in “Any Colour You Like”, which is very unfortunate since it’s one of my all-time fave versions of “ACYL”. It seems that the best thing about Sigma 215 could very well be just its front cover, which is very similar, but slightly inferior, to “Definitive Boston 1973 – Joe Maloney Master” (Sigma 199), since it lacks the blue/purple hues that Sigma 199’s front cover has. Having “Us & Them” woefully incomplete at approx. just 2:42 long pretty much ruins Sigma 215 for me, personally. Quite a significant disappointment.

  3. Careful Axeman Eugene

    On the new Floyd release by Sigma, which has been described as having “PERFECT SOUND” quality (“UPGRADE”), Disc 1 runs approx. 68:48 long, & Disc 2 runs approx. just 55:33 long, whereas the discs run approx. 67:27 & 58:16 long, respectively, on Godfather’s “Obscured by Father Time” digipak, which is now almost 10 years old. So on Sigma’s new so-called “upgraded” version, there’s a chunk of music missing at least a few minutes long on Disc 2 (DSotM). But I’m getting it anyway, and if anybody’s interested, I can report exactly where the missing chunk is on Disc 2.

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