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New titles from Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, & David Bowie!

Paul McCartney – Austin City Limits 2018 Weekend One (no label) is a single pro-shot DVD from the American Express Stage, Zilker Park, Austin, TX on October 5th, 2018 including a bonus track from Abbey Road Studios, London, UK on July 23rd, 2018.

Pink Floyd – Definitive Vienna 1977 (Sigma 223) is a 3CD + DVD from Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria on February 1st, 1977. Discs 1 & 2 are labeled Recorder 1 : Reel Master while Disc 3 features a partial stereo soundboard. The DVD includes both 8mm footage and the In the Flesh Tour 1977 Screen Films.

Pink Floyd – Berlin 1977 1st Night: Soundboard Master (Sigma 224) is a single disc stereo soundboard from Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany on January 29th, 1977. This features the first 50 minutes of the show and comes with a Tour Programme Replica.

Bob Dylan – Irving 2018 (Zion-135) is a 2CD set from Toyota Music Pavilion, Irving, Texas on October 10th, 2018.

David Bowie – London Hours (Wardour-295) is a 2CD set featuring the soundboard recording from The Astoria Theatre, London, UK on December 2nd, 1999. Disc 2 also contains some bonus material from The Mark and Lard Show (Mark Radcliffe and Marc Riley) Recorded: Studio MV4, Maida Vale, London, UK on October 25th, 1999 and Broadcast: BBC Radio One on October 25th, 1999. Also included is The Saturday Music Mix hosted by Billy Bragg. Recorded: Studio MV4, Maida Vale, London, UK on October 25th, 1999 and Broadcast: BBC Radio Two on November 6th, 1999.

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  1. I have listened to snippets of it but, you know, it’s a poor MP3 sample and it does not reflect the real thing. How does it sound? Is it worth? One of the songs (can’t remember which one), differently from the rest, contains a lot of tape hiss (?), unfortunately. Animals is my favorite PF and I’m planning on ordering it.

    • Careful Axeman Eugene

      Overall, it sounds quite nice, but as a soundboard, some may find it slightly disappointing, as the very best audience recordings from the 1977 tour, such as Oakland (May 5th), Boston (June 27th), Ft. Worth, Texas (May 1st), etc. are certainly a little bit superior, but those are rather tough to beat. I would still say that it’s considerably above average, and, as you likely already realize, SBD’s of live Floyd shows are much less common than they are for other legendary artists such as Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, etc.

    • Careful Axeman Eugene

      I forgot to mention that, unlike most CD’s in general, & unlike most CD’s released by Sigma in particular, it’s one of those CD’s on which you very much have to crank up the volume. I don’t know much about audio engineering, but it’s too bad that there are some CD’s that weren’t normalized to have a volume level consistent with the great majority of (other) CD’s, such that a listener has to fiddle around with the volume controls so often.

  2. Careful Axeman Eugene

    I got the Floyd Sigma 224 (Berlin 1977) a couple days ago, and it’s great to have live “Animals” in SBD. Anybody else have any thoughts or comments about it? Nick Mason’s drum work sounds strangely similar to the clops of horses’ hooves. Anybody notice that?

  3. Careful Axeman Eugene

    That Floyd Sigma 224 (Berlin 1977) (approx. 50:48 total playing time) sure sounds like a very tasty, delicious, scrumptious **upgrade** over the previous old releases…I can’t wait for it.

    Thanks very much for all the excellent work you always do, Wgpsec.

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