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new Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin

 The Rolling Stones Mean-Lean-Hits (DAC-112) is a new 2CD title duplicating the old vinyl release of Dirty Work outtakes.

Announced last month, Led Zeppelin Detroit Rock City 1973 (Graf Zeppelin LZSC-010A/B/C) finally arrives.  This contains both the audience recording of the July 12th, 1973 show and the soundboard fragment from the following night.  Graf Zeppelin is the first label to release this show in over a decade.

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  1. There is no bias on this site. Many Empress Valley and Mid Valley releases have received very high praise by me and the other authors. The medium of obtaining these releases has no effect upon the ultimate review.

  2. While there may or may not be an anti-Wendy bias on this site there most certainly IS an anti-Empress Valley/Mid Valley bias… much venom regarding their prices/releases. Perhaps EV do not supply CMR with free review copies??

    Say what you will about EV, but at least they dig up uncirculated LZ (mostly Showco SBDs) from time to time.

  3. My post did get deleted, but I’m not sure why. Sometimes this database has a mind of its own. Yes, Wendy’s Montreal 1972 release is definitive for that show and is highly recommended.

  4. gsparaco also posted in this thread (a couple days ago) recommending the Montreal 1972 Wendy release but it appears that he deleted his post. It was the only Wendy title he deemed “definitive”… an opinion with which I agree.

  5. Just got the Wendy a few hours ago and “Detroit Hard Rock City” Wendy (WECD-180/181/182) comes in a glossy digipack with a mostly clear slipcase that has a gray line across the bottom of the front that says “Deluxe Edition. The entire packaging reminds me of official deluxe edition releases. This release starts with the July 12th, 1973 AUD source and is missing the the beginning of Rock And Roll. I’m up to the end of track #8 TSRTS and so far this sounds excellent to my ears. there are some drop outs and
    based on my equipment, I would say EX- balanced recording. It sounds much better than I anticipated. the last disc of this 3CD set and not 2CD as I’ve read elsewhere, contains the last two songs of this show and then the soundboard fragment from the July 13, 1973 show. This is in no way a full review and these comments are my opinion. I’m not affiliated with Wendy or any label and there are plenty of Wendy titles that sound just awful to my ears. I hope to track down the Graf release soon and will be sure to leave some comments. In Closing, I’m glad someone saw fit to revist these shows. It’s been a long time.

    Thanks to the taper whoever you are, for taping and sharing the show from the 12th.

  6. Wonder how either Wendy or Graf compare with Motor City Daze on Antrabata which is the version I have. It’s one of their best ever shows IMHO.

  7. The “definitive” version of the 6/25/77 show is Tarantura IMHO. Wendy did a good job with their release of 9/29/71 and the O2 concert.

  8. Yeah 2003. I might have to check out the scorpio one, they did a bloody good job on Badgeholders

  9. That was how many years ago? As I said, it’s a fine release. I’ve heard Tarantura is the best version of that show, but I don’t have that one. The Scropio version is also pretty good too.

  10. You also said it was definitive at the time, I bought it off the back of your review, im glad i did. I would love to hear it in better quality mind you

  11. “Definitive” is Jules McTrainspotter’s opinion. Saturday Night’s Alright is a nice title, not better than others on the market. I assure you, there is no anti-Wendy bias on this website.

  12. Wendy’s Saturday Nights Alright 25/06/77 sound quality was described as ‘really excellent’ & i believe the word ‘definitive’ was used on underground uprising, I am uncertain if it has been superceded. Is it a case of credit where credit is due, or can the label do nothing right?

  13. The 12th show isn’t sourced from newly transferred tapes .. ‘coz they are not done yet! It’s said that are plans to do this but I have never saw a new transfer anywhere.

  14. If this is anything like the other Graf’s I have in my collection then it will probably be definitive. I make this statement for the collector’s who are looking for pressed releases with a natural sound. My guess is that Wendy used the new source for the 12th for their release and although I have no proof, I bet Graf combines the sources for the 12th to try and release the best sounding release to date. I expect to have both releases soon and will post my thoughts when I’ve had a chance to listen to them.

  15. gsparaco, I have exactly 0 Wendy titles in my quite extensive zeppelin cd collection. So I hear what you’re saying about their excessive tweaking. Does Wendy even have ANY “definitive” releases?
    According to underground uprising, only two Wendy titles are listed:

  16. I didn’t write Graf Zeppelin is definitive. I wrote Graf Zeppelin “looks to be” definitive. I’ve not heard either release yet. But, judging from history, Graf Zeppelin do great work with tapes, while Wendy normally apply too much mastering to tapes making their releases sound too rough.


  18. gsparaco, is Graf Zeppelin really definitive? That sounds a bit presumptuous… have you even compared both?
    Still, perhaps we’re back to the days of EV vs. Watchtower circa 2001! Exciting!

  19. You’re correct AA. Wendy rushed an identical release after Graf Zeppelin announced this in February. Graf Zeppelin always release quality titles and looks to be definitive for this recording.

  20. Actually, Wendy is the first to reissue this as “Detroit Hard Rock City”…it’s strange since I never saw labels going to battle between themselfs but this time I do see some cruel practise of ripping off someone to earn more money as Wendy already did…