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new Springsteen, Floyd, Black Sabbath and an Eric Clapton boxset by Mid Valley

Many new releases are coming out this week.  Bruce Springsteen Ready To Run is a no label release of the July 20th, 1975 Providence, Rhode Island Lampinski recording.  It is one of the best sounding early Springsteen shows now available. 

Pink Floyd Definitive Wall (Sigma 49) contains the February 28th, 1980 Nassau Coliseum show.  It is the same tape source as used on discs three and four on Your Favorite Disguise (Sigma 24).  Not sure what the difference is though. 

Black Sabbath Dehumanizer Rehearsals (Langley Deluxe 009) is a three disc set with studio demos from 1991-1992 from “Cozy’s tapes.”  A special cover, printed above, is limited to fifty copies while the regular issue is posted below.

Finally Mid Valley released Eric Clapton Here’s To The Next 150! (MVR  533~554).  This is a massive 22 CD set contain the Royal Albert Hall shows form May 16th to May 31st.  

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  1. As I don’t own BBB, my comments to follow are regarding both Sigma releases. To my ears DW sounds better. It has more bottom end and the vocal are clearer. But keep in mind that the differences are minimal.

  2. Which would mean it is an alternate source to “Your Favorite Disguise”? Did anyone else buy “Definitive Wall” that can comment? And can anyone confirm that more than one source even exists for 2-28-80? (available tape source was from the floor Sec A)

  3. Correction to the above: ‘Hey You’ on ‘Definitive Wall’ is missing something like the first 70 seconds. It starts just before the second verse but, for me, the SQ is such an improvement that I accept the sacrifice. Presumably this means it is a different source to that used for ‘Brick By Brick’.

  4. ‘Definitive Wall’ has better than great Dane’s ‘Brick By Brick’, although that is still a great release. ‘DW’ loses some 10-15 seconds of the intro to ‘Hey You’ cf ‘BBB’ but I’ve not had an intensive enough listen to note whether the sources differ.

    I don’t have ‘Your Favourite Disguise’ as I’m not prepared to fork out for the ‘alternate source’ recordings of dubious SQ that bump some releases from a 2CD to a 2 or a 4CD.

  5. And good luck with being able to afford them!

  6. So, MVR are putting out a 22 CD set of EC’s recent RAH shows. Good luck with the review is all I can say.

  7. Does anyone got DEFINITIVE WALL already? If so, does it really sound different from YOUR FAVORITE DISGUISE?

  8. DLee: I was pretty sure it was their 3rd title. Now I got confused. Maybe I mixed things up. To be honest, what first came to mind was the Oakland releases (Oakland 1977 and then Definitive Oakland).

  9. Thanks for the info Bjarke. I had already found out about Lampinki, having seen the name under the Godfather version in the News and New Releases section the other day. Apparently, he taped more than 100 shows by a wide range of artists which I understand will all emerge in due course. It looks as if this will be a real treasure trove for collectors.

  10. So far three Lampinski tapes have been reviewed on these pages for Yes, Queen and The Who. All of them are excellent tapes and the Springsteen tape should be the same (or similar quality). CMR will have reviews of both the no label and the Godfather versions of the tape.

  11. @Cliff;
    the Springsteen bootleg is an an audience recording by Dan Lampinski; shared on the web via DIME. It’s a real great recording – highly enjoyable….but don’t expect a SBD recording

  12. 3rd attempt, chambau? Are you sure? If so, then what was the first? I seem to remember “Your Favourite Disguise” as being their 1st rather than their 2nd. And sorry – I don’t plan on getting the newest one unless anyone or anything can first convince me that it’s significantly better than YFD.

  13. Good question chambau. Is anyone actually getting it and can share their thoughts? Sigma don’t support this site so there isn’t any review planned. Sorry folks…

  14. Does anyone alreay own this new Sigma “Wall” release? It is their 3rd attempt and, obviously, seems odd to me (considering the time frame from the 1st to the 3rd release). I own YOUR FAVORITE DESGUISE and I’m wondering it’s worth getting this new one.

  15. Very good point classicrawker. Looking at it from your perspective it does make sense, to provide the show separately for the non-rabid fans. From a marketing point of view…nice job Sigma, very thoughtful. And I completely agree with DLee that Boeblingen would be a much welcomed upgrade.

  16. classicrawker, previous releases of the Nassau/Uniondale 1980-02-28 show such as your “Behind the Wall” were already great in quality, but if that’s the best that you own & thus don’t have Sigma’s 4-CD “Your Favourite Disguise”, then if you get their newest version, “Definitive Wall”, I’d say it’s rather likely that there will be enough of a noticeable upgrade in sound quality that you won’t have significant regrets. As for myself, though, I already have the “Your Favourite Disguise” 4-CD, so I’m very much wondering when Sigma will eventually release Floyd shows that are considerably more “urgently” in need of an upgrade, such as the Boeblingen 1972-11-15 show.

  17. I don’t know lug I don’t think Sigma releasing the excellent show from the 28th as a seperate release is such a bad idea. For the hardcore fan this is probably redundant but for the casual Pink Floyd fan looking for the definitive release of this excllent source it is a good deal not having to pay for a 4cd set if they don’t care for the mediocre sounding show from the 26th. I have no interest in the show from the 26th so I am now tempted to buy the “Definitive Wall” release even though I already have the excellent “Behind the Wall” Box set.

    Any opinions will I really hear that much of a difference between the version I have and the new Sigma release??

  18. The Springsteen CD is quite historic, being the first show of the Born To Run Tour and the debut as an E Street Band member of Steve Van Zandt. It has only been available on CDR in an audience recording, so will be interesting to see whether the new release really is one of the best sounding early shows.

  19. 0h those silly Sigma folks…are they running out of material? Maybe they have included the intro of ‘Hey You’ previously missing or patched in one from another show? Either way I’m thinking this would need a HUGELY positive review to get me to add it to the collection.

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