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****New Stones on Dog n Cat****

Dog n Cat have yet again shaken the Rolling Stones collectors fraternity to its very foundation today by releasing Europe 76 (DAC-087).  This is a four CD set with not one but two separate tape sources for the June 7th, 1976 Pavilion de France show in Paris.  Discs one and two contain the audience recording and discs three and four the soundboard.  With such a bold and revolutionary move, this is sure to be an instant collectors item and sell out very fast.  Hopefully we can somehow secure a copy to review before they are all gone forever! 

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  1. Don’t get me wrong. I love DAC. I just got the latest Earls Court and will be reviewing it in the next couple days. And there will be a review for this title too.

    What comments are you talking about?

  2. Well none of us has heard this DAC release yet – so the critisicm comes a bit early. DAC seems to re-hash, that’s true, but unlike labels like Godfather and SODD, which seems to be praised here (and other places); DAC doesn’t degrade the recordings before releasing them. I also wondered; what happened to the comments on “Hold On Tight” (DAC) ? They have been removed. I was wondering if “The Original Hold On Tight” was better than the DAC release? I can’t see how that would be possible. That concert also needs 3 discs to be complete; 2 discs is not enough.

  3. Don’t give them any ideas.

  4. We’re living in the second golden age of bootlegging now. I think the reactivated VGP would be remiss if they don’t release their own 4CD version of this same Paris show (replacing the DAC logo and catalog number with their own for the cover), and SODD could then work their “magic” on the tapes (i.e. “copying the VGP discs”) releasing their version of “Paris, France Which Is Part of Europe 1976” about a month afterward but of course at a lower price with a different cover shot.

  5. May our hopes + steadfast prayers materialize in this actualization.

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