New titles from The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Joni Mitchell, & Heart!

The Rolling Stones – Unreleased Studio Tracks (no label) is a single disc featuring seven unreleased studio tracks recorded between 1983 – 1997 and rounded out with a variety of different mixes from Bridges To Babylon.

Pink Floyd – Santa Monica October 1970: Revisited (Sigma 275) is a 2CD set from Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA on October 23rd, 1970. Previously available as Creatures Of The Deep (Sigma 39) and Santa Monica October 1970 (Sigma 130).

Pink Floyd – California Soundboard: Revised Edition (Sigma 277) is a 2CD set featuring a mix of audience and soundboard from the Sports Arena, San Diego, CA on April 21st, 1975. The track “Echoes” is also sourced from a soundboard, date unknown.

Pink Floyd – Definitive Boston 1975: Unprocessed Masters (Sigma 276) is a 4CD set featuring both the Steve Hopkins and Dan Lampinski sources.

Joni Mitchell – Greek Theatre 1979: Mike Millard First Generation Tapes (Zion-188) is a 2CD set from the Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA on September 14th, 1979.

Heart – Japan Jam ’79: Enoshima & Kyoto (Zodiac 443) is a single disc featuring a soundboard recording from Enoshima, Fujisawa, Japan on August 4th, 1979 and the audience source from Fushimi Momoyama Castle Land, Kyoto, Japan on August 7th, 1979.

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  1. What’s most significant about the P. Floyd at Boston ’75 4CD (Sigma 276) is the complete lack of the word “UPGRADE” in the description on the Lighthouse site. If it were even the slightest upgrade at all, then surely they would have said so. I’ll bet that WGPSEC, Relayer67, & Stuart would agree.

    • Either standards are slipping or they’re finally admitting that something is no more than a simple reissue. I’m hoping it’ll get a review and we’ll all find out.


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