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New titles on CD & DVD!

The Rolling Stones – Paris 1976 (no label) is a soundboard/pro-shot CD + DVD from Pavillon de Paris, Paris, France featuring tracks from June 4th, 6th & 7th, 1976.

The Rolling Stones – Chicago 2019 2nd Night (no label) is a 2CD set from Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois on June 25th, 2019.

Eric Clapton – Osaka 1975 1st Night (Tricone 191/192/193/194) is a four disc set featuring two recordings from Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan on October 22nd, 1975.

Eric Clapton – Osaka 1975 2nd Night (Tricone 195/196) is a 2CD set from Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan on October 23rd, 1975.

Jeff Beck – World Rock Festival Eastland: Definitive Master (Wardour-352) is a single disc recorded at Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo, Japan on August 7th, 1975.

Simon & Garfunkel – Granada Studios 1967 (no label) is a single pro-shot black & white DVD from Granada Studios, Manchester, UK in March 1967. Broadcast Date: May 2nd, 1967.

Kiss – Boston May 1975: Joe Maloney Master (Zodiac 345) is a single disc from the Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA on May 11th, 1975.

The Band – The Last Waltz: Complete Video Monitor Edition (no label) is a pro-shot black & white 2DVD set from Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, California on November 25th, 1976.

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