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The SODD label released two titles recently.  Aberdeen 1982 is a two disc set with a new tape source for the May 26th, 1982 Aberdeen, Scotland show.  This is one of the rare theater shows on this tour and the recording has been described as excellent. 

Come Back To London contains the September 8th 1973 late show in Wembley.  DAC released this tape several months ago. 

Pink Floyd Decline And Fall Of The British Empire (Sigma 29) is a three disc set with the November 17th, 1974 Wembley show in “truly excellent sound.” 

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  1. rolling stones is not excellent but very good.

  2. As I’ve previously mentioned elsewhere (in one of the Floyd reviews), Sigma’s previous verision of it that was released several years ago when they were the pro-CD-R label Ayanami, the “Amazing Wembley” 3-pro-CD-R, unfortunately has little clicks or “hiccups” on track transitions, so hopefully Sigma has now at least taken care of those. The Free Range Pigs non-commercial 3-CD-R release “Getting Better All the Time” sounds pretty much the same, at least to my possibly-defective ears, as Ayanami’s “Amazing Wembley”, but without the annoying little flaws on track changes. And now this show is finally available on factory-pressed silver.

  3. The announcement of Sigma-29 completely makes up for my semi-lukewarm reaction to Sigma-28. Not only do I expect it will live up to Sigma’s brilliant quality, it is a new concert for me!!!!


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